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Services Expirations & Cloaks/vHosts

We’ve made some changes to IRC4Fun Services as well as policy changes on Cloaks/vHosts

In an effort to improve the experience for all IRC4Fun users and guests, we’ve made some changes (effective today) to Services Expirations and Cloaks/vHosts guidelines.

Services Expirations

Nicknames will now expire after 1 year of no use. (Previously 120 days.)  *Nicknames that have not been used in 6 months can be used (and requested) by another user.  Ask in #IRC4Fun.
Channels will now expire after 2 years of no use. (Previously 1 year.)  *Channels that have not been used in 1 year can be requested by another user.

Cloaks/vHost Guidelines

Users can request the normal IRC4Fun Cloak/vHost (IRC4Fun/users/Nickname) by typing: /msg HostServ TAKE IRC4Fun/users/$account
Users who are a Channel Founder with 10 or more users on average can ask for a custom or personalized vHost in #IRC4Fun, and once verified, request the personalized vHost from HostServ (provided the Cloak/vHost does not impersonate IRC4Fun Staff, Services, Utility Bots and is not deemed offensive or otherwise undesirable.)  If the Cloak/vHost contains a real domain name, you must be able to prove ownership of the primary domain name by making an irc4fun.html on the primary domain that states “YourNickname owns DomainName.tld” or the request will be rejected.
Channel Founders and Group Founders can register a !Group with GroupServ and then ask in #IRC4Fun for a Group Cloak to be offered to their group. (Group Cloaks look like IRC4Fun/groups/GroupName/Nickname)
To register (create a Group) with GroupServ, the Group or Channel Owner should type: /msg GroupServ REGISTER !MyGroupName
For more help with GroupServ and customizing your Group(s), see /msg GroupServ HELP

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