Articles from April 2017

MultiRPG Game Round Complete: All Cloaks updated

Per previous communications, all IRC4Fun user/bots/staff Cloaks have been updated to the new Cloaks as of today, since the MultiRPG game has ended for this round. As we previously communicated, we were waiting for users and bots that were playing MultiRPG to update their Cloaks when the game ended.  Since

Website Updates: Acceptable Use Policy & Services Guidelines

IRC4Fun Website News

We’ve updated the IRC4Fun Website today: We updated the IRC4Fun Website today to seperate the Acceptable Use Policy and Services Guidelines.  Services Guidelines now has it’s own page and permanent URL. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) – Services Guidelines – We hope this will make Policies more clear and easier to & enter Testlink!

We’re excited to announce a new Server two New Servers and Administrator in Testlink! & have been granted a Testlink to IRC4Fun, administered by Karion. has SSL and IPv6, and is located in Frankfurt, DE. has SSL and IPv6, and is located in Paris, FR. We’re excited to welcome Karion,

Cloaks / vHosts Updates: Coming soon

As a follow-up to our recent policies change regarding Cloaks (also known as vHosts), previous Cloaks will be updated to the new Cloaks on April 7th, 2017 As our previous announcement about Cloaks and vHosts being updated, we will begin rolling out the new Cloaks on Friday, April 7th, 2017.

New Idle RPG Game (traditional) by Karion

We’re pleased to announce that an IRC4Fun user has started the traditional IdleRPG game in #IdleRPG We’re both pleased and thankful to announce that Karion has started the Idle RPG Game in #IdleRPG for users that prefer the traditional Idle-RPG as opposed to the MultiRPG offered across many networks, or

Services Updates – NickServ

IRC4Fun Services

Services Updates – NickServ Related Services were updated today to fix a problem with ENFORCE not being set on newly registered clients by default.  All users who have previously registered and would like ENFORCE turned on (to enforce NickServ Identification) will need to issue this command: /msg NickServ SET ENFORCE