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Services Updates – NickServ

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Services Updates – NickServ Related

Services were updated today to fix a problem with ENFORCE not being set on newly registered clients by default.  All users who have previously registered and would like ENFORCE turned on (to enforce NickServ Identification) will need to issue this command: /msg NickServ SET ENFORCE ON
We apologize for the inconvenience – this had been turned on up until a previous update in which the configuration was over-written.

Also announcing NickServ SET ENFORCETIME

Now users (by popular request) can set their own preferred ENFORCETIME with NickServ.  (The amount of time you have to IDENTIFY to a Nickname before it is changed)
You can choose between 1-180 seconds as the ENFORCETIME, however, remember that if you set it too low and then cannot IDENTIFY to NickServ in time, we are not able to change it for you.  You will need to /msg NickServ IDENTIFY MyNickName MyPassword  and then /msg NickServ SET ENFORCETIME 60 to reset it back to default.

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