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New Idle RPG Game (traditional) by Karion

We’re pleased to announce that an IRC4Fun user has started the traditional IdleRPG game in #IdleRPG

We’re both pleased and thankful to announce that Karion has started the Idle RPG Game in #IdleRPG for users that prefer the traditional Idle-RPG as opposed to the MultiRPG offered across many networks, or for those who wish to participate in both!
If interested, simply join #IdleRPG and register with IdleRPG by typing the following command: /msg idlerpg REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class>
As mentioned before, this is great for users who wish to play the traditional IdleRPG or even those that wish to participate in both!
If you need any assistance, please see Karion on IRC4Fun.

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