Articles from May 2017

Website Translations!

IRC4Fun Website News

IRC4Fun’s website can now translate to YOUR preferred language! We’re excited to announce that once again, users can now select their preferred language at the top of the IRC4Fun website (under the menu) to have the IRC4Fun website translated into their language! We had this functionality previously, but had to

Channel Service 2 (W) in beta

IRC4Fun Services

IRC4Fun is currently beta testing it’s alternative to ChanServ, W (which features X or GNUworld CMaster emulation) As some users who hang out in #IRC4Fun may have noticed, IRC4Fun has finally connected W (Channel Service 2) to the network and is testing the service.  W features GNUworld (X) emulation that

Druid.* and Mage.* pass test-link! and have passed their test-links and are now full-linked! We’re pleased to announce that Druid.* and Mage.* have passed their test-links and are now fully linked to IRC4Fun!  (Administered by Karion)

Website: Documents & Guides updates

IRC4Fun Website News

We’ve updated the Documents & Guides page as well as added some articles to HelpDesk’s Knowledge Base We’ve made some updates today to our Documents & Guides page to make certain Frequently Asked Questions easier to locate, as well as added a new Frequently Asked Question. We also added a