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Channel Service 2 (W) in beta

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IRC4Fun is currently beta testing it’s alternative to ChanServ, W (which features X or GNUworld CMaster emulation)

As some users who hang out in #IRC4Fun may have noticed, IRC4Fun has finally connected W (Channel Service 2) to the network and is testing the service.  W features GNUworld (X) emulation that users who have used Undernet or GNUworld Services will be familiar with.  It is very close emulation to GNUworld, but does have some differences.
Currently, work on a web interface is in progress.  (This will bring W even closer to almost all GNUworld features)  The web interface is currently not near the ready stages for beta testing, at this time.  When it is finally ready for beta testing, an announcement will be made about the website going live and some features being changed.
It should also be noted that W is a seperate service from NickServ, MemoServ and ChanServ, etc.  (Thus, you will still need to login to W for access in channels using W — as well as IDENTIFY to NickServ for access in channels using Services 1 [Xtheme IRC Services])

Is there a W command-list or guide?

Yes!  Please see for a list of W commands, guide, and additional information.

How do I make an account on W?

To make an account on W, type: /msg W REGUSER <accountname> <valid@email>
W will then send you a REGID code to issue on IRC to verify your account.  (You must use a valid email address – it will be verified.)

Why did IRC4Fun launch a Services 2?

W is IRC4Fun’s Channel Service 2.  W is only a Channel Service – it does not connect to or have NickServ functions.  It’s aim is to provide a familiar Service for users from Undernet and other ircu and GNUworld networks.  Use of W is optional, unless you to accept access in a channel that utilizes W instead of traditional IRC4Fun Services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, etc)  We will not allow more than 1 Channel Service per channel.  (You can choose between ChanServ/BotServ or Wnot both.)

How can I get W in my channel?

You can request to have your channel registered with W by opening a Support Ticket here.

How can I get a list of commands that I can use?

Type: /msg W showcommands #channelname
Or you can get a full list of commands available by access level by visiting this guide: 

Do I have to login to EVERY channel like I did on W/X on Undernet?!

Wow – you are considered an IRC “original”!  But no, W emulates and works like GNUworld (X) on Undernet.  You login to your account on W and then have access to all channels that provided you access and utilize W.


W does not understand these modes yet.  W does not understand some modes (yet).  We may add support for these modes and commands in the future.

Why doesn’t W understand some of my channel modes?

W is still in beta.  Right now, a lot of work is being done to fix these issues.  W (currently, at the time of writing this article) does not understand non-ircu modes yet.  You can still set these modes manually in your channel, however.

Can I set +q/+a/+h manually with /MODE #channel <modes> ?

You can currently set the halfop mode manually.  You will not be able to set +a or +q (protected or owner), however.

I had a BotServ bot nicknamed W in my channel – where did it go?!

The W botserv bot was retired in preparation for bringing Channel Service 2 (the new W) online.  All channels that previously had the W botserv bot assigned to their channels have been moved over to the X BotServ bot.

When will this “Web Interface” be available?  What all will it do?

The web interface will be similar to GNUworld’s web interface.  (If you have ever used Undernet’s CService site, you have seen the functionality at one time or another.)  The web interface will also allow for Channel Registration requests via the Website as well as several other helpful functions.
When it will be available is still yet to be announced.  It requires a lot of work at this point before it will be ready for public testing or use.  Worry not: as soon as it is available – we will make an announcement.

I have a question that is not answered here!  What should I do?!

Please ask in #IRC4Fun if you need assistance or open a Support Ticket.

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