Articles from June 2017

IRC4Fun website: New Design!

IRC4Fun Website News

Our new Design for the IRC4Fun website is now live! We’re excited to announce that the IRC4Fun website has been redesigned, making it easier to navigate the website without extra clicks!  In addition to making information easier to obtain, we’ve also modernized & enhanced the design, added more features and

Support Section updated (again)

The IRC4Fun Website’s Support Section updated (again) The Support section of our website has been updated again to better support users and attempt to find Knowledge Base articles relating to what you are looking for, and also interfacing into our HelpDesk. [button class=”” style=”btn-default btn-lg” icon=”glyphicon glyphicon-book” align=”left” type=”link” target=”false”

IRC Servers Upgraded: Notes & News

IRC4Fun Server Update

IRC Servers Upgraded: Notes & News We performed network maintenance and updates to every IRC4Fun server this evening to the latest software release by our ircd vendor: InspIRCd. All IRC4Fun servers were upgraded to the latest version to fix some bugs and minor security issues.  With the update, some additional

BotServ Guidelines: Update*

BotServ Guidelines have been revised We’ve revised our BotServ guidelines for IRC4Fun users after some monitoring and feedback.  It is now easier to obtain a BotServ bot for your (active) channel!  It is also easier to request the creation of a BotServ bot for your channel(s) as well! To Request

W (Channel Service 2) retired

Due to lack of interest on our users part, and Developer: W (Channel Service 2) is now retired. There was not a whole lot of interest in W from our users (it had 0 channels registered to it, other than the test channels it was in during it’s beta debut)

New DNS Blacklists: Update

New DNS Blacklists: Update We’re happy to announce that we’ve found a solution that allows us to continue utilizing our new DNS Blacklists that were added as a means to protect our network, users and channels from the recent waves of spambots and floodbots. We’ve fixed an issue where some

New DNS Blacklists in action – Abuse Prevention

We’ve activated additional DNS Blacklist scans in order to Prevent Abuse Due to recent waves of spambots and floods, we’ve added a few additional DNS Blacklists to our DNS Blacklist Checks (performed on users as they connect to IRC4Fun.) This will help to better safeguard users and channels on IRC4Fun

New Channel Mode: +g

IRC4Fun Channels

New Channel Mode for Channel Operators to manage their own Channel-Filters! We’re excited to announce a new Channel Mode that will allow Channel Operators to block certain words or phrases from being said in their channels!  With the new Channel Mode +g <badword?goes?here*>, Channel Operators can block spam/objectionable messages before

Need Support? We've made it even better!

Need Support or Help with something?  We’ve improved the IRC4Fun Support Systems! If you find yourself needing Help or Support with something, we’ve made it even easier to find the answer or obtain a solution!  The Support areas of the IRC4Fun website have been modified so that Support resources are

Druid.* and Mage.* delink, Radio.* links

Server News and have been delinked by Karion as he brings servers online from new locations.. links from Sydney (AU) and is administered by Karion.