Articles from July 2017

New and Updated IRC4Fun website is live!

IRC4Fun Website News

Once again, we’ve redesigned and updated the IRC4Fun website! With the recent change from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd software, we updated the IRC4Fun website documentation and support sections. The Knowledgebase has been retired and is replaced with updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to better maintain support topics in one place. Various

IRC4Fun changes from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd!

IRC4Fun Server Update

IRC4Fun changes IRCd software from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd (a fork of Charybdis) We’re excited to announce that we have completed our transition of IRCd software from InspIRCd to ChatIRCd, which is a modern (and maintained) fork of Charybdis.  This allows us to operate closer to how we desire (utilizing less


Cloaks: Update We have revised our policies regarding Cloaks (also referred to as “vHosts”, “Virtual Hosts”) on IRC4Fun.  Going forward, IRC4Fun servers will no longer automatically apply cloaks to un-registered or unidentified users during connection.  This means that your real hostname & IP will be visible to users unless you

#IRC4Fun: Please ask your questions in the channel!

Please make sure when you join #IRC4Fun for Support that you ask your question(s) in the channel. We don’t want to sound like a overplayed song, however, we are asking once again that users remember a few things when coming in to #IRC4Fun for Help or Support: Ask ALL questions