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#IRC4Fun: Please ask your questions in the channel!

Please make sure when you join #IRC4Fun for Support that you ask your question(s) in the channel.

We don’t want to sound like a overplayed song, however, we are asking once again that users remember a few things when coming in to #IRC4Fun for Help or Support:

  1. Ask ALL questions in the channel.  Do NOT private message your question to Staff unless you have asked to do so first.  (Asking your questions in the channel helps to answer other user’s questions as well!  You may private message an IRC4Fun Staff member after asking to do so, but we only recommend this when the question is sensitive or contains private information or data.)
  2. Please do not highlight people in #IRC4Fun.  If nobody is responding or there at the moment; they will see the question whenever they are back in front of their computers and get back to you.  If you urgently need Support and nobody is around; you may open a Support Ticket which will notify Staff of your question/issue and thus likely get a faster response back.  Do NOT private message staff if nobody is answering – just ask in the channel and wait -or- open a Support Ticket.
  3. Ask your question.  Do NOT ask if it is okay to ask a question, just go ahead and ask the question.
  4. Provide as much information as possible!  If you are coming in to #IRC4Fun to ask about a network ban (G:line or Z:line), provide all information that the server gave you when you were disconnected.  (We must have the AK# or Z# in the message when you were banned, and ask that you provide your IP address as well so we can better look into the issue. All of this information is shown when you are disconnected due to a ban)
  5. Please wait patiently for an answer.  IRC4Fun Staff are volunteers and are not paid to sit in front of their computer 24/7.  Sometimes Staff may have to deal with this dreaded monster called “Real Life” as well as IRC4Fun.  (Just like YOU)
  6. Have you checked with HelpBot?  HelpBot is able to provide information on a variety of IRC and IRC4Fun topics.  You can /msg HelpBot HELP for a list of topics that HelpBot can provide information about, and then /msg HelpBot topic  (e.g.  /msg HelpBot STAFF )

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