Cloaks: Update

We have revised our policies regarding Cloaks (also referred to as “vHosts”, “Virtual Hosts”) on IRC4Fun.  Going forward, IRC4Fun servers will no longer automatically apply cloaks to un-registered or unidentified users during connection.  This means that your real hostname & IP will be visible to users unless you utilize SASL and have requested/taken an offered cloak.

Why not automatically cloak us anymore?

We’ve made this change in the wake of abuse prevention, and because while Cloaks do attempt to hide your hostname/IP; there are still ways to “de cloak” users if an attacker is really determined to do so.   We will still provide Cloaks to users, channels, groups and organizations that request them, but understand that even with a cloak it is “private” but not necessarily secure.  If you are really concerned about hiding your IP or hostname; you may want to look into a VPS, VPN, Bouncer, or znc service.

So are Cloaks still available?

Yes!  Cloaks are still available on IRC4Fun, and will be applied automatically for users who utilize SASL authentication and have requested or have used the HostServ TAKE command.  Cloaks are also still available for registered IRC4Fun users who have requested or used the HostServ TAKE command, or requested a cloak.  Cloaks will be applied to users as they IDENTIFY (or authenticate) with Services.

How can I get a Cloak for my Channel, Group, Organization, or Bot?

Please see the IRC4Fun Cloaks Guide for more information.  For Standard Cloaks, you can also ask for one in [af_link id=”4627″ target=”_blank”]#IRC4Fun[/af_link].
Questions / Comments?  Please let us know in [af_link id=”4627″ target=”_blank”]#IRC4Fun[/af_link].

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