Articles from August 2017


Netsplits-a-plenty! This morning you may have noticed IRC4Fun was essentially “in pieces” for several hours; and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Early in the morning, one of the monitoring services on one of our hubs detected a concern and then was immediately taken offline and closely analyzed retires

Server Delinked retires Karion has informed us today that is retiring.  It split a couple hours after being removed from the pool and is presumed retired. Karion will continue to administer

AppliedIRC: Welcome to IRC4Fun!

We would like to welcome AppliedIRC users to IRC4Fun! IRC4Fun would like to extend a warm welcome to users from AppliedIRC!  AppliedIRC has decided to merge with IRC4Fun and users began being redirected as of today. Services should be similar in functionality and use, however users and channels will need to