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This morning you may have noticed IRC4Fun was essentially “in pieces” for several hours; and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience.
Early in the morning, one of the monitoring services on one of our hubs detected a concern and then was immediately taken offline and closely analyzed for a couple hours before being brought back online and cleared of any concerns.
The hub remained offline while we checked the box thoroughly for any unauthorized access and/or changes.  After confirming it was a temporary hardware situation that was resolved; the hub was brought back online and IRC4Fun resumed normal operation.
While we apologize for the inconvenience of the net splits and have arranged backup connections for the servers; we will always aggressively check our servers and work with each host to ensure the security and integrity before bringing the server back onto IRC4Fun.  (Though as mentioned earlier, we have arranged a backup plan for future similar situations.)
While we do not believe any data was at risk; we do recommend regularly changing your NickServ password and ensuring you are using a strong password with upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols and a password that is 8 characters or more.  Also, it is strongly recommended that you do not re-use passwords you might use with Service A on Service B or IRC.  (These recommendations are common and recommended all the time.)
As always, thank you for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!

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