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Articles from September 2017

Channel being Abused, Flooded and/or Spammed? These can help!

This is a post reminding Channel Staff of some useful ways for fighting abuse, floods and spam. Lately, we’ve observed a slight increase in channel abuses (such as flooding or spamming); and we wanted to provide some advice for dealing with these annoyances.  IRC4Fun is setup in a fashion to

#Pirates Game (Would you play it?)

The developer of a becoming IRC game may bring his Pirates Game to IRC4Fun, if enough users are interested in playing! mruno, the developer of the becoming IRC Game #Pirates is asking for users that would be interested in playing the game on IRC4Fun to /join #Pirates to show their

New "About IRC4Fun Staff" page is live

Ever wanted to learn more about the IRC4Fun Staff team? If you were ever curious about IRC4Fun Staff, who we are and more information about us — can now fulfil this desire by visiting our new Staff page!  You can find IRC4Fun Staff in [af_link id=”4627″ target=”_blank”]#IRC4Fun[/af_link]. If you have

Friendly Reminders for our Users

We’d like to remind our users of some helpful information Forgot your NickServ password?  If you have forgotten or lost your NickServ password, you can reset it with the SENDPASS command (which will email a KEY to your email address on file, which you can use with NickServ SETPASS to