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Friendly Reminders for our Users

We’d like to remind our users of some helpful information

Forgot your NickServ password?  If you have forgotten or lost your NickServ password, you can reset it with the SENDPASS command (which will email a KEY to your email address on file, which you can use with NickServ SETPASS to set a new password.  /msg NickServ HELP SENDPASS and /msg NickServ HELP SETPASS
Need to change your email address on file?  It is extremely important to keep your email address on your NickServ account up-to-date!  (If you forget your password, your email address on file is the only way to verify your identity.)  You can check your email address in NickServ with the INFO command: /msg NickServ INFO MyNick  You can update your email address by authenticating to Services and then using /msg NickServ SET EMAIL (You will then need to verify your new email address.)
What Channel Modes are available?  Please click here for Channel Modes and information about what they do.
What User Modes are available?  Please click here for User Modes and information about what they do.
What are EXTBANs?  EXTBANs are a way of customizing what certain modes do and more.  For more information about EXTBANs, type: /quote HELP extban or /HELP extban
Why should I register my Nickname?  There are a LOT of benefits to registering your Nickname!  You can get channel access/flags, memos between online and offline users, protection of your nickname(s) and a cloak.  You can also click here for additional benefits to registering with IRC4Fun Services.  You can even register and manage your account from our website!  On IRC; you can register with /msg NickServ REGISTER myPassword
I’ve been K-Lined!  If you feel that you have been K-Lined in mistake; please contact klines[at]  You will need to provide your IP address and K-Line reason.  (If your K-Line included an AK# in the reason, please provide that so that we may quickly locate the K-Line you are referring to and investigate it.)  We receive many requests to remove K-Lines or network bans; but they must be investigated before being removed.  Without proper information (such as the K-Lined IP or reason) we may be unable to assist the request if we have a lot of K-Lines being placed at or around the same time.

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