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Channel being Abused, Flooded and/or Spammed? These can help!

This is a post reminding Channel Staff of some useful ways for fighting abuse, floods and spam.

Lately, we’ve observed a slight increase in channel abuses (such as flooding or spamming); and we wanted to provide some advice for dealing with these annoyances.  IRC4Fun is setup in a fashion to where such abuses (and their effects) can be minimized and stopped.  Here are some helpful tips for dealing with certain types of abuse:
Channel Floods:
Channel floods can be annoying to channel regulars and guests.  Channel Floods are when a user types X amount of lines in Y seconds.  Typically, users should not type more than 3 lines in 3 seconds (as this is interpreted as flooding) and can upset other users on the channel.  The motive behind this (for the abuser) is gaining attention.  Try not to give the abuser attention and encourage your channel users to also try to ignore the abusers actions and not react to them while you handle the situation.
To combat Channel Floods, IRC4Fun has a Utility Service Bot (Sigyn) that monitors channels who’ve asked for it (and in some cases Channels who’ve not asked for it, but Sigyn detects flooding patterns occuring; causing it to join to investigate)  Sigyn will handle flooding in an automated manner and you will usually see the abuser(s) quitting with “Killed (Sigyn (Spam is off topic on this network.))”.  When you see this, it means Sigyn has also K-lined the abuser(s) from the network so that they cannot reconnect for a reasonable amount of time.
You can also set available Channel Modes, EXTBANs, Services and Sigyn to help combat Flooding:
Channel Modes:

  • +m (Moderated) Only users with voice (+v) [+User] can speak in the channel.
  • +p (Private) Disables /KNOCK to the channel.
  • +r (Registered Users Only) Only users registered with IRC4Fun Services (NickServ) and identified to their accounts can /JOIN the channel.
  • +Q (Disable Forwards) Disables the ability for any other channels to setup automated FORWARDs (+f) to your channel.
  • +C (No CTCPs) Disables the ability for users to issue /CTCP’s to the channel (does not affect the ability to /CTCP individual users)
  • +T (No /NOTICES) Disables the ability for users to issues /NOTICE’s to the channel (does not affect the ability to /NOTICE individual users)
  • +j X:Y (Join Throttle) Allows only X joins in Y seconds – others are told to retry joining later (or forwarded if +f #channel is set)
  • +b nick!user@hostORip (Channel Ban) Prevents users that match the banmask from joining the channel, or if they are already on the channel; they are unable to speak or change nicknames while on the channel.
  • +q nick!user@hostORip (Channel Quiet) Prevents users that match the banmask from speaking in the channel, or changing nicknames while on the channel.
  • +z (Op Moderation) Makes the messages and actions that would normally be blocked; to be seen only by channel Ops or above.  Channel Users who are unable to speak or perform ACTIONs on a channel due to +m (and not having a voice), a quiet, ban, or extban will have their messages seen only by Channel Operators.  Users who are not opped will not see the blocked messages/actions.

To set or unset channel modes: /mode #chan +modes arguments   or   /mode #chan -modes arguments
Channel EXTBANs:
EXTBANs are rules that can be used to match users automatically based on certain criterias and can be used in conjunction with some Channel Modes, such as bans (+b) and quiets (+q).  Some commonly helpful ones combined with Channel Modes are listed below:

  • $a (Logged In users) Matches all users who are logged into Services.
  • $a:*mask* (Logged in users matching Account) Matches all users who are logged into Services with an account containing mask in it.
  • $c:#chan (Channel Match) Matches all users who are in #chan
  • $j:#chan (Banned on Channel) Matches all users who are banned in #chan
  • $r:*mask* (Realname Match) Matches all users who have mask in their Realname
  • $u:*mask* (Unidentified Users Match) Matches all users who are not identified and match mask

You can also use a ~ to negate an EXTBAN, for example: $~a (Unidentified Users)   -OR-  $~c:#chan (Users NOT in #Chan)
EXTBANs can be used with certain Channel Modes listed above, specifically Bans (+b) and Quiets (+q) — For example: /mode #MyChannel +q $~a  (Quiets all non-identifed users)
To set an EXTBAN:  /mode #chan +q $~a    OR     /mode #chan -q $~a
Did you know that Xtheme IRC Services (IRC4Fun’s Services) has an ANTIFLOOD protection setting for your channels?  You can get more information with /msg ChanServ HELP SET ANTIFLOOD
We find that a combination of channel bans, quiets, and use of channel modes along with extbans (as mentioned above) are the most effective way to deal with these pests.  Please rest assured that IRC4Fun Staff are actively seeking out these abusive users and removing them from the network.  Should you have any questions or concerns; please do not hesitate to /JOIN #IRC4Fun
Channel Spam:
Channel spam is when abusive users start advertising websites, channels, networks, or links in channels where it has not been asked for, is not on-topic or consented to.  Sometimes users and robots will go on IRC and try to get users to either visit websites which may contain malware or viruses, be a phishing scheme, make the abuser advertising revenue, trick the user into revealing their information, luring users to another channel or network, etc.  Channel spam is annoying and not tolerated on IRC4Fun.  If your channel is getting spammed, please contact a member of IRC4Fun Staff for assistance.  DO NOT PASTE the spam in [af_link id=”4627″ target=”_blank”]#IRC4Fun[/af_link] – as you will likely be automatically banned.  Please contact an active Staffer or open a Support Ticket with information about the spam (and logs if you have them of the spam and incident).  It is important not to paste this information on IRC, however, to ensure that you, yourself are not mistaken as a spammer.

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