Articles from October 2017

Happy Halloween from IRC4Fun!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from IRC4Fun! We would like to wish all of our users a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! (for those who participate)  Even X has decided to participate this year!  (The other Service Bots could care less, it seems)

IRC4Fun celebrates it's 10th Anniversary!

IRC4Fun celebrates it’s 10th Birthday! Can you believe it? 10 years – a DECADE! IRC4Fun has now been available for 10 years; thanks to our users, groups, channels and staff!  We are so thankful to our users that have picked IRC4Fun as their IRC home!  IRC4Fun has evolved many times

Channel Registration Process UPDATE

ChanServ (Channel Registration) Process UPDATE IRC4Fun has updated our Channel Registration Process with ChanServ.  This change will help to ensure that only channels which are used, will be registered.  You may have noticed that we have a lot of abandoned or “drive-by registrations”; as we have.  (This process update will

NEW Pirates Game in #Chat (NOW OPEN!)

We’re pleased to announce that you can now play the Pirates Game in #Chat! We’re excited to announce that #Chat has been chosen to be the Pirates Game Channel.  Please feel free to /join #Chat and play! You will probably want to visit for more information about the Game, how

Owner Mode (~Nick) is BACK as +y

IRC4Fun Channels

We’re thrilled to announce (a bit early) that the Channel Owner (~Nick) mode is back! (as +y) We were going to keep this a secret until closer to IRC4Fun’s Birthday (October 20th), but due to popular request we’ve added it early!  The “Owner” channel mode is back, by popular request. 

IRC4Fun Service Bots changing hosts to

All IRC4Fun Services Bots will change hosts from IRC4Fun.Services to In an effort to keep things more consistent, all IRC4Fun Service Bots (ChanServ, NickServ, etc) will have their @host changed to for better consistency. While this change should not cause any required changes on our users’ part, we