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Owner Mode (~Nick) is BACK as +y

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We’re thrilled to announce (a bit early) that the Channel Owner (~Nick) mode is back! (as +y)

We were going to keep this a secret until closer to IRC4Fun’s Birthday (October 20th), but due to popular request we’ve added it early!  The “Owner” channel mode is back, by popular request.  The owner mode is slightly different from what some users may be used to, however.  IRC4Fun’s channel owner mode is +y (NOT +q)+q still indicates a QUIET on a user or hostmask, where +y indicates a nickname is a channel owner.
How do I use the owner mode?
If you are a channel Founder or owner, you can use !owner in the channel, or type /msg ChanServ OWNER #mychannel
ChanServ is not giving me owner (+y) – what is wrong?
During the time that the owner mode was disabled on IRC4Fun, the default flag for channel owners was not applied.  If ChanServ will not give you owner mode (+y) and you are the channel founder; please /join [af_link id=”4627″ target=”_blank”]#IRC4Fun[/af_link] and ask for an IRC4Fun Staff member to look into it for you.  You can also open a Support Ticket for Staff to look into.

How come Services are not giving me +q?!
Can we possibly make this any clearer?  +q is QUIET, +y is OWNER.
Why did you bring the OWNER mode back?
We brought the channel Owner mode back because it was a popular request after we migrated to ChatIRCd and disabled it.  It is IRC4Fun’s Anniversary present to our users!  (It was previously decided to disable it when we migrated to ChatIRCd; because it is a vanity mode, and not a necessity.)  However, after we received all the feedback and requests about it, we decided to bring it back.

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