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Channel Registration Process UPDATE

ChanServ (Channel Registration) Process UPDATE

IRC4Fun has updated our Channel Registration Process with ChanServ.  This change will help to ensure that only channels which are used, will be registered.  You may have noticed that we have a lot of abandoned or “drive-by registrations”; as we have.  (This process update will resolve that)

Channel Registration now requires 2 (two) Supporters:

In an effort to ensure that only “used” channels are requesting registration; we have deployed the requirement for 2 registered supporters.  Each Supporter provided in the ChanServ REGISTER command will be notified that they were used as a Supporter for your channel, and to use the SUPPORT command if they DO support the channel being registered.
Once both Supporters have used the SUPPORT command (indicating that they support your Channel being registered), your channel will be moved along in the application process to Services Administrators to review.

After your Supporters verify that they SUPPORT your channel, Staff are notified to review the application:

Once your Supporters have indicated that they SUPPORT your channel being registered, ChanServ will notify IRC4Fun Staff to review the channel.  If your channel does not violate the Services Guidelines or Acceptable Use Policy; it will likely be approved and you will be notified (and see ChanServ join; if you are online)

Q: How long does Channel Registration take now?

A: This depends on how long it takes for both Supporters to use the SUPPORT command.  Once both Supporters have verified their SUPPORT, ChanServ will inform IRC4Fun Staff to review the Channel Application.  We will process a review within hours or less (in most cases).
Flow of a Channel Application in the new Channel Registration Process:
Incoming>Notification>Pending Supporter Verification>Pending Staff Review

Q: What if one or more of my Supporters do not SUPPORT my channel?

A: Channels that are not SUPPORTed by their Supporters will be automatically rejected after 7 daysIf one of your Supporters indicates to IRC4Fun Staff that they do not support your Channel; the application will be rejected.

Q: Why did you make it harder to register channels?!

A: We did not make it harder – you simply need to know 2 registered users who will use your channel (to justify registration).  We also have ChanFix for channels that may become opless and to help ensure that opped users are re-opped in cases where they held ops (used the channel)
Starting a brand new channel does not justify registration.  ChanFix can re-op you in situations where you have lost ops in a channel you’ve started (if you’ve held ops in the channel on even a semi-regular basis) and can help to reverse “takeovers”.

Q: How can I start a channel without ChanServ?

A: You start a channel by being the first to join it and hold ops (and manage the channel as you see fit; op only those you trust, etc).  While you are naturally doing these things, ChanFix will be recording how long you’ve held ops over the previous 2 weeks.  You do not need ChanServ to start a channel.  You are the primary ingredient to starting a channel – not a bot.

Q: How will I know where my Channel is, throughout the Registration Process?

A: You will be notified via an automated Memo when your channel is reviewed and either accepted or rejected.
Flow of a Channel Application in the new Channel Registration Process:
Incoming>Notification>Pending Supporter Verification>Pending Staff Review
Staff will generally review a Channel Application (once all Supporters have verified Support) within a few hours.

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