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IRC4Fun Websites have moved and changed

IRC4Fun Website News

IRC4Fun Websites have been moved to a new host, and while we’re at it: we’ve changed them too!

The IRC4Fun websites (, HelpDesk, Services Web Interface, etc) have moved to a new host.  The migration process was started on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 and was expected to be quick.  (However, this was not the case.)  The migration was finally completed on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017.
During this migration, we expected to run into some normal migration issues; however, we experienced quite a bit more than were initially expected.
The IRC4Fun website was redesigned back to our original design from 2007-2009, and other websites were restored.
The Web Interface has also been restored to IRC4Fun’s original Services Web Interface (v1) with heavy updates, feature additions and fixes.  You can now do virtually everything with your Services account via the Web Interface that you can do on IRC, plus more!  The Web Interface also allows users to reset their passwords with ease, as well as Register and/or Support channels.  We also have much more planned for the Web Interface in the future.  (Our Web Interface is exclusive to IRC4Fun, and is not SWI from
We’ve also implemented a new IRC4Fun Wiki which has tons of Documentation, Frequently Asked Questions, Services Guides, and more!  The IRC4Fun Wiki can help with almost all IRC4Fun questions and/or concerns.
Need to show someone something that is a paste of 2 or more lines?  Introducing the IRC4Fun Paste, which allows IRC4Fun users to paste output, logs, support information, data, etc. by use of a link instead of massive lines of output!  (This is not only convenient, but will prevent you being mistaken for a spammer by Abuse Prevention Services or Utility Bots)
IRC4Fun HelpDesk is now back online, however, please note that you can also initiate Support requests from IRC using HelpServ, or even the Web Interface under Help Request System.
There will be more news very soon about other site changes and updates.  Stay tuned!

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