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December News (2017)

IRC4Fun IRC4Fun News

IRC4Fun News (December 2017)

 Welcome to the December 2017 IRC4Fun News!  We’ve been busy (as usual) making IRC4Fun better for our users, channels, groups, organizations and projects!  We’ve been streamlining the network, optimizing, and more!
There have literally been a LOT of improvements, so we’ll sum them up:

  1. IRC4Fun Websites (, Web Interface, Wiki, HelpDesk) are all back online.  The primary IRC4Fun website has been updated with a new look and content.  Old (irrelevant) content has been removed or moved to the News Archives, New content has been added to streamline use of the websites and navigation.  Also, the IRC4Fun HelpDesk is back as an additional means of support and communication between users and Staff.
  2. IRC4Fun Staff would like to welcome man-d to the Services Team.  (He started out recently as a Services Helper and has already been promoted to Services Administrator due to his ability to help users, find bugs, and his desire [without any poking] to learn more about Xtheme IRC Services as well as other Network Services)  (We are thrilled to welcome man-d and are extremely appreciative of his above work!)
  3. New Server in France, EU France (EU) which is SSL and IPv6 compatibe.
  4. Our Servers & Staff page now has a Google Map with Servers and Staff locations indicated.  This will allow users to see where servers are located Geographically, as well as where Staff are located.  (This will help to understand time zones as well)
  5. Spam Prevention has been working effectively.  Be sure to check out User Modes & Channel Modes, Extbans for additional resources on how to prevent spam.
  6. IRC4Fun Staff We do have openings for IRC4Fun Staff(However, please note that you will need to hangout in #IRC4Fun and help users, and we will need to get to know you first)  If you are interested, please do the above and also check out our Staff Openings page for more information about the volunteers we’re seeking, and the requirements.
  7. IRC4Fun Short URLs – We’ve added IRC4Fun-shorturls for various linksThis is not a public service, but will instead be managed and used by IRC4Fun Staff to ensure links are clean and not malicious. Introducing: https://IRC4.Fun/somelink The links are safe to follow and are created, managed and monitored by IRC4Fun Staff.
  8. IRCCloud  has been configured with IRC4Fun Servers and IRC4Fun Services, allowing full IRCCloud use and support.  For more information, please see our Wiki article about IRCCloud.
  9. Services Web Interface ( – siniStar is constantly working on the Web Interface, improving it & adding new features.  Did you know that from the Web Interface you can:

Web Interface (it can do *almost* everything you need!)

  •  Register a Nickname (or Account)
  •  Forgot / Lost NickServ Password?  You can reset your password with ease, using our Web Interface.
  •  Want a Cloak (or vHost)?  You can activate a Cloak (also referred to as “vHosts”) instantly (in most cases) using our Web Interface. (Simply login, click on CLOAKS/VHOSTS, and click on Request Cloak/vHost.  Read the Cloaks Acceptable Use Policy and scroll to the bottom to click the button to activate yours.  [This will occur immediately to any sessions on IRC, otherwise will occur the next time you connect to IRC4Fun and authenticate with NickServ])
  •  Manage your Nickname (or Account) settings for NickServ and various other options.
  •  Manage your Channel(s) settings, topics, bans, kicks, akicks, flags & access and much more!
  •  Utilize the Help System which allows you to get HELP from each IRC4Fun service, additional help topics of interest, and even submit a Help Request in our Help Request System!
  •  Channels can manage their BotServ Bots, assign and unassign BotServ Bots, and additional functionality which is coming soon!
  •  Groups Section of the Web Interface is on it’s way; which will allow Group Management, information, settings and much more!
  •  View Services News, Services People (Staff), Services Acceptable Use Policies, and so much more!

Did you know?

Automatic IRC4Fun NewsInformation – As a means to keep you updated with IRC4Fun; and it’s continual improvements and changes: when you register with IRC4Fun Services; your email address (only) will be imported to IRC4Fun News.  You can update your subscription preferences at any time.  Statistical information (if provided) is only used for IRC4Fun Staff.
IRC4Fun's Sigyn – Sigyn has been updated and enhanced with more anti-spam mechanisms.  If any of your users are mistaken as spammers: you can (as a Channel OP [@user]) /msg Sigyn UNKLINE Nickname
NOTE You will still need to remove any channel bans (+b) that Sigyn forcibly set on the user that was mistaken for a spammer.
 You can also /JOIN #IRC4Fun for assistance.

Easily add a Web Chat for YOUR channel on YOUR website!

Interested in adding a Link or WebChat to your IRC4Fun Channel from YOUR website?

 We’ve setup a page where you can get snippets of code (or links to share with people, facebook, twitter, etc) on our website here. This is a great way to draw users to your website; and to bring your friends and yourself closer together!  🙂
Example buttons:
The guide also provides information on providing a general link, text-link or even iframe embedded chat into your website(s)!  You can also ask for assistance in #IRC4Fun or via HelpDesk.

Need to paste something?

Please make sure that when you are pasting lines of scrollback, paste, or many lines of data at once, you may trigger Abuse Prevention Services.  We have created an IRC4Fun Paste service that you can use to paste logs, scrollback, output, data, lines of information in, etc. to share with other users without getting mistaken as a spammer.  Please check out the IRC4Fun Paste Service and get your channel operators and users familiar with it.

 IRC4Fun has Staff Openings!

We are currently looking to fill several Staff Openings, both for IRC Operators and Services Administrators.
NEW! A new website,, is now open and looking for additional chatters and Moderators(It will be using the IRC4Fun network and Kiwi IRC to provide chat to it’s users.)

Forgot your Password?

 You can easily reset your lost or forgotten password, using the Web Interface(You can also use the NickServ SENDPASS command on IRC, but the process is overall easier via the Web Interface.)
Also, we would like to wish all of our users and guests Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays from IRC4Fun!

And thank you, as always, for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!


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