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Services Expirations Update (2/14/2018)

Services Expiry Update (Effective February 14th, 2018)

In order to keep our Services database clean, we will be changing the expiry of Nicknames (Accounts) and Channels on IRC4Fun, effective February 14th, 2018.
NickServ Accounts will expire after 180 Days of not being used(Enforcement will turn off on un-used nicknames at 90 days, meaning other users can use the nickname; but cannot IDENTIFY to it without the proper password)  Staff will no longer drop accounts after they have reached a certain age without use — this will be handled by Services.  *This also means that we will no longer drop accounts which have not been used in XX days/months.  Going forward, we will only use the 180 days (6 months) for account expirations.

ChanServ Channels will expire after 80 Days of not being used by anyone on the access list or with flags to the channel.  Channels will no longer be given to “AbandonedChannels” when their founder account expires or is dropped; but will go into the succession process (if applicable users exist, on the flags or access list) or if no applicable successors; the channel will be dropped.
Please be advised that if you have any Nicknames that you do not wish to expire, you must use them once every 180 Days(If you only IDENTIFY to one particular nickname in 180 days, yet you have two (2) others GROUP‘d to your account; those nicknames will expire)  The purpose of NickServ (Nickname Registration Service) is not to hoard or “lock up” a bunch of nicknames.  It is designed to let you protect the use of your nickname(s) that you DO use.
Please also be advised that if you have any Channels that you do not wish to expire; you or one of your users on the FLAGS or ACCESS list must authenticate with Services and JOIN the channel(s) at least once every 80 days.  Once channels are dropped, they are free to be re-registered.

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