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IRC4Fun ServicesChanServ’s FLAGS LIST command has been updated, as well as FLAGS/ACCESS LISTS being public (can opt to keep FLAGS LIST/ACCESS LIST private)


We’ve updated our ChanServ FLAGS LIST output to no longer show AKICKs, since they have their own list. (AKICK LIST)  This means when you are performing a FLAGS LIST or ACCESS LIST with ChanServ on a channel; it will no longer show +b (AKICK) entries.  The showing of combined access/flags and akick list in one access list caused confusion.
You can now check all FLAGS on a Channel with /msg ChanServ FLAGS #Channel LIST
You can now check all ACCESS on a Channel with /msg ChanServ ACCESS #Channel LIST
You can (if you have the correct privileges on a channel) now check all AKICKS (auto-kickbans) on a Channel with: /msg ChanServ AKICK #Channel LIST

Channel FLAGS/ACCESS lists (going forward with new Channel Registrations) will default to a PUBLIC access list setting

In an effort to better serve users in general, all future Channel Registrations will have the PUBACL flag enabled by default.  This will aide users who need to get in contact with Channel Operators or Channel Staff (since IRC4Fun Staff do not get involved in channel management, bans, etc.)  This means your access and flags lists will be publicly available by default, and generally (historically) it should be.  A user may be banned from a channel and need help from the Channel Operators to get unbanned, etc. – now they are able to find out who to contact.
This should not be a privacy concernlarger IRC Networks have had this functionality enabled by default virtually since the start of IRC. (Undernet, Freenode, etc.)
However, we realize that some channels and/or groups may desire the ability to conceal or hide their FLAGS / ACCESS lists from the general public — and they can do so at any time with use of the /msg ChanServ SET #Channel PUBACL OFF
We hope you enjoy these updates to IRC4Fun Services – if you have questions about the change or need assistance, please /join #IRC4Fun

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