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Channel Registrations moved to Web

Channel Registrations moved to the Website(s)

Today, we have changed the way IRC4Fun Channel Registration requests are processed.  Users will now need to either login to the Web Interface to apply for Channel Registration, or can simply apply from the HelpDesk.  This change will allow us to keep better records of Channel Registrations going forward, as well as allow us to provide helpful information.
With this change, we have also added “Channel Registration Requests” to the Web Interface in the Channels section, allowing users to see approved/rejected channels.

  • (This feature will update Daily, but not instantly)
  • Users requesting Channel Registration will still be kept up-to-date on the request in real-time via Email and the support ticket.
  • Currently, this feature only has the application data for channels as far as 2018 – we are working to expand this to all registered channels over the past 10+ years; however extracting that data and importing it will take a little while.  Channels Rejected prior to 2018 will not appear in the listings.

Please remember that with our Web Interface you can manage your nicknames, channels, memos, cloaks/vhosts and more!  You can even reset your password, should you forget it.

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