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IRC Servers & Services change

IRC4Fun Servers & IRC4Fun Services Transition

IRC4Fun administration has made the decision to change our IRC Server software to Nefarious2 ircu, and switched to GNUworld IRC Services (X).  All previously registered channels have been pre-registered with X.  Channel Owners will need to reclaim their channels once they have created a username or account with X, on IRC.  (Using the /msg X HELLO command)

Nicknames are no longer “owned” or registered.  We will use a username/account method in X, instead.

NickServ was seldom used except by users to hoard nicknames.  Now, nicknames are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You can register a username or account with X by using the /msg X HELLO command.  This is how X will track your access to channels, how your Cloak/vHost will appear (if you set usermode +x), etc.

Channels that were previously registered have been pre-registered with X, awaiting their Owners to claim them.

Any channel that was previously registered is still registered, though due to the new account/username implementation; Channel Owners will need to reclaim their channels AFTER creating an account on X.  Channel Owners will then need to re-add access for their Channel Operators as they create accounts with X as well.
We also recommend checking out all the new features and settings available for your channel(s) – you can use /msg X STATUS #MyChannel to get a current set of channel settings for your channel, and you can use /msg X HELP SET for more options that you can set.
You can check available commands with: /msg X SHOWCOMMANDS [#channel] or view a Full Guide at:
To register channels (up to 5) with X, please see

Assistance / Help / Support

If you need help with X or Channel Service questions, you may join #CService or #IRC4Fun
If you need help with your X account/username, you may join #Usernames or #IRC4Fun

What about User and Channel Modes?

User Modes and Channel Modes have changed, and been updated on our Wiki.

Why the changes?!

We believe that in the long term, X will be easier for our users to use.  One network service as opposed to 10+ user-facing services will alleviate confusion and also help to rid us of “excess services” that were not utilized, except for NickServ and the nickname hoarding.  Our main “content” is channels, so that will be our primary focus moving forward.  (Though you can expect enhancements and upgrades)

We appreciate all of our loyal users and channels on IRC4Fun – and we thank you for your patience during the transition.

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