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June 2018 Newsletter

Hi! Hello, Friend!

IRC4Fun News – June 2018

We’ve been hard at work, as usual to maintain the best possible IRC experience and home for our guests, users, channels, groups, organizations and projects!  This newsletter will help you with some of the recent news and changes.

 New Servers:

  • administered by EagleFox (Ka), located in San Francisco, California (USA)
  • administered by l0gic (imm0rtal), located in Dallas, Texas (USA)
  • A complete list of servers is available at, though we recommend you connect to to for reliability.  We still maintain SSL support on port 6697, and Plaintext support on port 6667.

IRC4Fun Services (X)

We’re glad to see a number of users registering accounts/usernames on X(This allows you to set usermode +x for a cloak or vhost, and gain access on registered channels, or even join channels with restrictive modes set preventing un-authenticated users from joining.)
You can create an account on X by typing: /msg X HELLO username
  You must be 13 or older in the US, or 16 or older in the EU, to register an account on X.
 For help with usernames or accounts, you may ask in #IRC4Fun or #Usernames.
 For help with Channel Service (X) questions, you may ask in #IRC4Fun or #CService.
Did you previously own a channel with ChanServ?
Your channel is still registered and ready to be claimed after you have created an account on X.  You can reclaim your channel by visiting our Web Interface.

Our Privacy Policy has been updated:

Like most services and communities online, we have updated our Privacy Policy prior to May 25th, 2018 to include GDPR information and compliance rules.

Nicknames are not “owned” or registered anymore.

X utilizes an account/username authentication system.  On IRC4Fun, nicknames are not owned by users anymore to prevent nickname hoarding and other abuse.  You are still able to maintain a unique cloak/vhost when you register and login to X, and set /mode MyNick +x  allowing users to recognize that you are who you claim to be.  Users can also /msg X verify Nickname to see if a user is logged in, staff, or not.
The exception is Staff Nicknames or Services Impersonators.  (We will force you off of staff nicknames or services impersonation nicknames, for obvious reasons.)

New Features (Customized Flood Protection, AUTOTOPIC, FLOATLIM and numeral access!)

X contains a number of useful new features to channel Founders (now referred to as Managers)  We wanted to draw attention to a few note-worthy new features:

  • AUTOTOPIC (Will reset the topic when your channel is active, and if the topic has been lost due to netsplits)  It will set your topic to your channel DESC and URL setting. (/msg X set #channel DESC Welcome to my channel , /msg X set #channel URL , /msg X set #channel AUTOTOPIC on)
  • FLOODPRO (FloodPro allows you to customize different flood threshold values for your channel, such as CTCPs, Repeats, Text, and more!)  /msg X set #channel FLOODPRO KICK (or BAN)  To see the currently set values: /msg X status #channel
  • FLOATLIM (Will keep the channel limit [+l]  to a sane value, preventing masses of floodbots from joining your channel.)  /msg X set #channel FLOATLIM ON   – To see the current settings: /msg X status #channel
  • Numeral Access Levels (This allows you to decide who can do what, and at what level.  You can give trusted “channel admins” a level higher than others; giving them the same access to privileges, but unable to use access against a user with a higher level)  Channel Founders (Managers) are level 500 and can use /msg X showcommands #channel to see what levels provide access to what, and add or adjust access accordingly.  This allows adding users at certain levels, suspending users at certain levels and banning users at certain levels.  (You cannot do or undo an action on a user with higher or equal access, You can suspend users below your level up to your level: ensuring no lower level ops can remove them, and you can likewise ban a user at a level so that other ops under a certain level cannot unban them,)
  • There are many new features and settings.  We recommend using: /msg X showcommands #channel (for a list of commands available to your level) and /msg X help <topic>  We also have a comprehensive guide and command list at
  • You can even set your preferred language that X will use for you! (/msg X set LANG)

IRC4Fun News back on regular (monthly) cycle

 We know that users do not like getting tons of emails, so we are resuming our normal regular schedule (monthly).  However, if there are any important announce; we will send out an off-cycle announcement.
We try to keep emails (including News) to a minimum; and our goal is to keep you informed and aware of the improvements and changes we make to the network.

Sigyn has retired, v8 and ZED10 step up to take it’s place

Sigyn has been overwhelmed for a while now..  She has been replaced by v8 and ZED10, both of which offer channels *custom* protections that channel owners can set themselves.
Channel Owners can also add other users to v8 and ZED10 in their channels, to exempt them from protections.
For more information, type: !h  Both bots are now running BlackTools as well as other protective scripts.
You can also ask in #IRC4Fun if you have any questions or encounter problems, or to request v8 or ZED10.  (Currently v8 is nearing it’s limit, so new requests will likely be assigned ZED10)

We’re here to help 🙂

If you find yourself needing support or help, please feel free to contact us via whichever method you prefer:

  1. #IRC4Fun – General Chat & IRC4Fun Help
  2. #CService – Official Help Channel for X (IRC4Fun’s Channel Service)
  3. #Usernames – Official Help Channel for X usernames/accounts issues
  5. HelpDesk

Our goal has always been to maintain a free, clean and secure IRC Chat experience.  Since 2007, we have done that and evolved many times.  (But we’re not done yet!)  Our goal is a constant one, to improve and serve our International clients from all over the world.

Services Web Interface

We have been updating the Services Web Interface to interact with HelpDesk.  We’ve also added additional pages to the Web Interface, showing Registration Requests, forms, and more.

Game Channels (Updates)

siniStar is working on a few new games for IRC4Fun.  They should be available soon!  Here is a list of current Game Channel on IRC4Fun:

  • #MultiRPG (Currently Available) Multi-network IdleRPG with Interactive commands!
  • #MultiRPG-Discuss (Currently Available) Discussion Channel for #MultiRPG game, linked to participating networks.
  • #Gaming-Life (Currently Available) Home for Ps4/Xbox Players to chat about Gaming-Life
  • #Trivia (Currently Available) Fun, addictive Trivia Game Channel brought to you by Medusa and TrivialityZone.
  • #ZombieHunt (Coming Soon!) Hunt Zombies & Vampires and slay them!

We apologize, but the Pirates game is no longer available because the active developer of the game is incapable or unwilling to make easy changes to his bot, allowing it to see registered users.

IRC4Fun Paste Service

Don’t forget!  IRC4Fun has it’s own Paste Service — Users and Staff can use this freely at  (Registration is not required and you can set passwords on pastes and even expirations)
You can use this to avoid getting banned in channels where you may want to paste a lot of output.  Pasting more than 5 lines in 2 seconds is dangerous, and likely to get you banned from a channel.  So please, feel free to use IRC4Fun’s Paste Service.

IRC4Fun Channel Stats (

Would you like to get your channel listed on the IRC4Fun Channel Stats page?  Feel free to ask siniStar in #IRC4Fun if you would like to get your channel in the stats website.

As always, we want to thank you for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!

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