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July 2018 Newsletter

Hello, Friend!

IRC4Fun News – July 2018

We’re pleased to announce that & have passed their test-link and have been granted full server links.
  We still have many unclaimed channelsPlease reclaim your channel as soon as possible, otherwise they may be automatically purged or in some cases a vote taken for a new Manager (owner).
  If you need help with X (Channel Services); please see #CService.  Requesting Channel Registration is easy and usually complete within 24 hours or less.  We do not require any supporters.  We also updated our Command Guide & Lists.
  If you need assistance with a Password Reset or Email Change on your X username/account, please use the Web Interface at  You can also join #Usernames for Password Resets, Email Change Requests and X username/account issues or support.
  NOTICE: All requests mentioned above must be completed using the Web InterfaceVerification processes will be requiredPLEASE DO NOT EVER PROVIDE ANYONE (EVEN STAFF) YOUR PASSWORD. (Your password will never be used as a verification method, and is encrypted.  Staff cannot see your password)  Only you and X should know your password.  You can verify if someone is logged in and a official CService representative using X‘s VERIFY command. (/msg X verify Nickname)
Official CService Staff will be indicated by X:

  -X- siniStar! is an Official CService Developer and an IRC operator and logged in as siniStar
  -X- man-d! is an Official CService Administrator and an IRC operator and logged in as mand
Normal Users will be indicated whether they are logged in, or not – but will show they are not CService Representatives:
-X- User! is logged in as SomeUser

IRC4Fun: Getting Started

To connect to IRC4Fun; direct your client to on port 6667 for plaintext or 6697 for SSL SSL.

Web Chat:

IRC4Fun supports IRCCloud! IRCCloud, Kiwi IRC WebChat KiwiIRC Web Chat client & Chat Now using Mibbit! Mibbit Web Chat are available for those who do not have a client installed or do not wish to install one.

IRC4Fun Wiki Updates

  The IRC4Fun Wiki is a great place to find a wealth of information about IRC4Fun, support, Frequently Asked Questions and much more!

General Reminders

 We encourage users to not speak fast or paste things without using an IRC4Fun Paste.  If you type faster than 5 lines in 3 seconds, you are likely to get kicked or banned by either ZED10 or v8 (UtilityBot).
  Did you know you can set various aspects of Flood Protection in your registered channel with X?  See: /msg X help set floodpro  (To see the current settings of your channel, see: /msg X status #MyChannel)
Need or want to change your X password?  /msg NEWPASS myNewPass123  (You will need to login to X, first.)
  Never give out your X password to anyone, even if they claim to be CService Staff or IRC4Fun Staff.  Official Staffers will never need your password, nor can we verify it.  Only you and X should know your password.  If at any time you suspect your account has been compromised; please type: /msg SUSPENDME yourPassword (There must be more than 1 login to your account at the time of issuing this command)  You will then need to see #Usernames for assistance with unsuspending and securing your account.
  Please remember that each user is allowed ONE (1) account or username.  Registering multiple accounts/usernames will result in the all accounts (except the original) being suspended.  Users can register up to Five (5) channels per user – and in some cases; we may allow more.

Assistance / Help / Support

  We’re here for you!  As you can see; there are several methods for contacting us – and we welcome your input and/or feedback.  You are welcome to hangout or idle in our Help Channels, so long as you are not counter-productive. 😉  (Please head all warnings by official Staffers, if given one)

X does not like being flooded

If you issue commands too quickly, or several in quick succession that generate a lot of output, you may receive messages like:

-X- Flood me will you?  I’m not going to listen to you anymore.

This means you have issued too many commands in a quick succession, causing X to ignore you for 1 hour.

-X- I think I’ve sent you too much information.  I’m not going to listen to you anyomre.

This means you have issued commands that generated too much output in a rapid succession, or even at once; causing X to ignore you for 1 hour.
If you have accidentally flooded X and are being ignored, you can have a friend check with: /msg X showignore    or ask in #CService for assistance.  We understand that sometimes accidents happen.  In some cases, it is recommended that you wait it out. (Especially if you have a reputation for repeatedly flooding X.)

IRC4Fun would like to welcome new users and returning users, as well as thank our loyal users.  You are what makes IRC4Fun unique and special.


Where are all the Staffers who used to be @Opped in #IRC4Fun?!

We’re still here!  To better allow users to know which staffers are present, we generally op ourselves when necessary or are active.  When we become inactive, we either deop ourselves or our Utility Bot (v8) deops us.  (This again, better helps users see which Staffers are active or available)  We use the same methodology in #CService and #UsernamesIf you ever have a question; please don’t ask if you can ask a question, instead just ask the question and either a Helper or Staffer will assist you when they are available.  Remember that all Helpers/Staff are volunteers, so please be patient.

IRC4Fun Channel Statistics (In real-time)

Be sure to check out for real-time channel stats updated every 5 minutes by Kronos.

  • If your channel does not have IRC4Fun Channel Statistics; and you would like to have it, please contact siniStar on IRC4Fun.

Freenode re-used Password attack

Freenode was recently hit with a Re-Used Password attack that allowed access to a lot of accounts that were previously compromised.  More information is available at .  We recommend (especially if you re-use passwords) that you change your X password.  To change your password, simply login to X and then issue the NEWPASS command by /msg NEWPASS MyNewSecurePassword123  IRC4Fun has not been hit with any such attacks, but if you re-use passwords; we highly recommend you change your password to prevent it from being compromised.

Data Breaches of recent…

In case you have missed the news, alerts, etc. about Data Breaches:

  1. MySpace hacked, exposing millions of plaintext passwords. (years ago)
  2. Twitter exposing millions of passwords in plaintext (recent months)
  3. Yahoo! Breach that exposed millions of users credentials and emails. (Hidden by Yahoo! for years until exposed and damage exponentially increased in numbers of affected users.)
  4. Point is, there are so many data breaches where your previous password may have been exposed.

We strongly recommend you using a strong and safe password to protect your account.  (Use letters and numbers, and most importantly: do not re-use passwords used anywhere else, or in the past)

Happy Holidays!

If you are in the United States, you are probably celebrating the 4th of July – we hope you have a great one!
If you are in Canada, you are probably celebrating Canada Day – and we would like to wish you a great one!

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