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On-going Spam Attacks

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IRC4Fun off-cycle News Update:

IRC4Fun is currently (as are almost ALL existing IRC networks) a surge of spam and spam bots.  We have had to implement some security features (such as using Channel Mode +r [Registered & Logged In Users Only])
Channels that have this mode enabled will be protected from spam bots entering their channel(s).  However, it requires that users joining the channel have signed up for a username with X, and logged into it.
Some channels have been set to +s (secret) as an alternative way to combat these spam bots/attacks.
If you’re 13 years or older and located in the United States; you may sign-up for an X username.
If you’re 16 years or older and located in the EU: you may sign-up for an X username..
If you live elsewhere; you may sign-up for an X username if permissible by your local laws.

To sign-up for an X username:

/msg X hello myUsername

X will provide you with a password which you can login with and either keep, or use the NEWPASS command to change your password.

To change your X password:

/cs newpass MyNewPassword

To login to X:

/cs login Username MyPassword

Is your Channel being Flooded with spam?

Try setting +r (Registered and Logged in Users, only) or +M (only Registered and Logged-in Users, only) in your channel(s).
You can also join #IRC4Fun and request ZED10(You will be asked to give ‘UtilityBot’ access of 100+ in X)

What is being done by IRC Operators and Administrators to curb this abuse?!

We have activated a strict DNS Blacklist, since many other IRC DNS Blacklists are overwhelmed by these floods on every IRC network and are unresponsive..
We also have ZED10 and v8 G-lining these spammers.
Law Enforcement is also involved given the nature of the spam and by the targets of the spam.

We appreciate your patience during this long-standing series of attacks.  If you are innocently G-lined; please contact us via HelpDesk for assistance.


As always, we thank you for being a loyal IRC4Fun user!

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