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August 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter




IRC4Fun Newsletter

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IRC4Fun News – August 2018

On-going spam attacks (aimed at all IRC networks) continue.  We recommend that channels who are still experiencing spam attacks to activate channel mode +r (Registered & Logged-In Users only).  You can also seek a Utility Bot in #IRC4Fun. (Please do not repeat or paste the spam to any Staffers or channels, or you may be automatically mistaken as a spambot.)

Your users will need to register an account with X, using the HELLO command.

To register an account on X:

/msg X hello userName

To login to X:

/cs login username Password

To change your password in X:

/cs newpass YourNewPassword

nemesis.* Delinkednemesis.* has been delinked from IRC4Fun and l0gic has been removed from his Staff positions.

Seb has joined IRC4Fun Staff as an IRC Operator and CService Administrator – welcome Seb! 🙂

We have a new Official Helpsite at which can translate to different languages, in addition to the IRC4Fun Wiki.

We’ve also experienced DDoS attacks on our providers recently, coupled with the spambot attacks have made for some turbulent experiences at timesWe are always working quickly to mitigate attacks with our upstream providers and hosts.  We do apologize for the turbulent experiences. is available in your Language of Choice!

You can register an account on our new Help and Frequently Asked Questions site and choose a preferred language.  After registering and setting your preferred language; you will see the Help website translated into your language.

Official Help & Support Channels

We would like to remind you about our official Help & Support Channels:

  • #CService – Official Help and Support Channel for X (Channel Service) questions and issues.
  • #Usernames – Official Help and Support Channel for X Usernames/Accounts questions and issues.
  • #IRC4Fun – Official Chat and Help & Support Channel for IRC4Fun.

You are more than welcome to ask your questions in the channel and idle or chat. 🙂

You can also obtain support through:Did you know?

Due to the recent, on-going Spam bots; we recommend ALL users register a username/account with X and login:

X (Channel Service)Due to the ongoing spambot attacks, we are recommending all users register a username or account, using the above described HELLO command.  Once you have used the HELLO command, X will provide you with a password which you can then use to LOGIN and change with the NEWPASS command.

This will allow you to chat in channels where they have set +M (Moderated: Registered & Logged In Users ONLY can chat) or enter channels that have set +r (Registered & Logged In Users only can join)

  • If you need any assistance with registering an X username/account, please see #Usernames
  • If you need any assistance with registering a Channel with X, please see #CService

Please make sure to use your valid email address in case you lose your password, or need your password reset.  Fake or disposable email addresses will result in your X username being globally Suspendedand unrecoverable if you should ever lose your password.

As always, we thank you for being an IRC4Fun user!  (We would also like to welcome our new users)

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