epsilon.IRC4Fun.net enters test-link, Galaxy.* soon to delink

We’re happy to announce that epsilon.IRC4Fun.net (hosted in Germany) entered Test-Link

We’re excited to announce that epsilon.IRC4Fun.net has entered test-link, administered by tabb and hosted in Germanyepsilon.* also supports IPV6 and SSL connections.

Sadly, Galaxy.IRC4Fun.net is leaving IRC4Fun

We’re sad to report that Galaxy.IRC4Fun.net will soon be leaving IRC4Fun and has been removed from our Round Robins.  Galaxy.* is hosted in New Jersey, United States.  We will still have a server hosted in the United States (in Dallas, Texas), Coven.IRC4Fun.net.  Coven.IRC4Fun.net also supports IPV6 and SSL connections as well.

Please ensure your IRC Clients are set to connect to irc.IRC4Fun.net for the most effective connectivity.

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