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September 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter




IRC4Fun Newsletter


 Hello, Friend

Welcome to the IRC4Fun September 2018 Newsletter; we’ve got a lot of updates for you!

Seb has resigned from his IRC4Fun Staff positions, including CService.  While he may be allowed on the network, he is no longer a Staff member and should not be consulted for support or requests. went down and EagleFox has gone MIA.  The test-link for irc-chat.* has been failed. will be delinking soon.  (It is being replaced by a different server, currently in test-link;, hosted in Germany.)

We have two new servers in Test-Link:

  1. (Dallas, Texas – USA) – Admin: synapse
  2. (Saarbrücken, Germany) – Admin: tabb

 We remind you to have your IRC Clients set to for the best experience.    We also have an IPv6 Round Robin:   All IRC4Fun Servers support SSL connections on port 6697.

Website NewsNew IRC4Fun Website is now live!

We’ve updated our website again in an effort to provide a better, more consistent place to find information. Our website can once again be translated into virtually any language.  Our new website contains a wealth of information that may come in useful to you. We can even add your channel to the website!

We have also added a Knowledge Base to HelpDesk in an effort to better assist users with common questions or concerns that do not wish to register an account on our site, or have been unable to read the Wiki..

Some channels have still not been claimed by their Founders (or Managers) X - IRC4Fun Channel Service

We still have some channels that have not been claimed by their founders or managers.  If you previously had a channel registered with IRC4Fun Services before we switched to X, please reclaim your channel(s).

Channels that remain unclaimed will go into a “Vote for New Manager” status if they are active; others may be purged.

If you have questions or concerns, please see either #CService for (X) Channel Service Support and Issues, or #Usernames for usernames or account support or issues.

Safety & SecuritySafety & Security

We would like to remind users to ensure the security of their usernames/accounts.  Here are some tips to stay safe:

  1. Never provide users with your phone number, address, or personal information who you do not know and trust.  (Even if you trust the user, it’s still recommended to never give out your personal information — with the Internet; it is hard to ensure the other party is who or what they say they are.)
  2. We recommend that users do not use a password for their X username (or “account”) that they are using on another site, service, or even IRC network.
  3. We recommend changing your password every 90 days.
  4. Please ensure your email address on your X username (or “account”) is valid and up-to-date.  (/msg X info myUsername)  If you need to update your email address, please see the Web Interface.
  5. NEVER give out your password to anyone, even if they claim to be CService or IRC4Fun Staff.  (Staff will never ask you for your password, as it is encrypted and not available to them to check)

You can also join #Usernames for questions, tips, or assistance.  All requests must go through the Web Interface.

2007-2008IRC4Fun celebrates 11 years of Operation next month!

In October, on the 20th: IRC4Fun will celebrate 11 years of operation.  While IRC4Fun has evolved many times, we remain focused on providing the best possible IRC experience for our users.  We will be celebrating all day in #IRC4Fun and welcome you to attend, idle, etc..

We’re here for your support / help:

  • #CService – Official, Friendly *X* (Channel Service) Help & Questions
  • #IRC4Fun – Official, Friendly Chat and Network Support Channel
  • #Usernames – Official, Friendly Usernames (or “accounts”) Help, Questions & Issues.

*Please be aware that some requests must be processed through the Web Interface.

We would like to thank katsklaw of #Linux for sponsoring an IRC4Fun Server!

We’d like to thank katsklaw of #Linux for sponsoring an IRC4Fun IRC server.  katsklaw is a very experienced IRC user.  katsklaw has not accepted any staff positions, but is a regular of IRC4Fun and Channel Manager. (#Linux)

We would also like to welcome our new users and say “Thank You!” to our loyal users.  YOU are what makes IRC4Fun awesome!

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