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On-going Spam Attacks #IRC4Fun #IRC

On-going Spam Bot Attacks are hitting almost all IRC Networks, relentlessly.

We’ve had to enable counter measures and tighten some security measures.  We are pleased to announce that 99% of spam is G-lined before it ever gets to you or your channels on IRC4Fun.

While these spam bots are not necessarily directed at IRC4Fun, or any other network (other than freenode — who it seems to be targeting along with individuals), we along with many other IRC networks have been plagued with the annoying spam.  We ask that you pay the spam as little attention as possible — a lot of it seems to be a smear-campaign towards individuals.

However, as mentioned; we’ve activated additional security measures to counter these intrusive bots.

You can also prevent Spam:

  • If you are a Channel Operator (@user), you can set channel mode +r (Registered and Logged In users Only can join) or +M (Mutes un-logged in users from speaking) by typing: /mode #ThisChannel +r  or  /mode #ThisChannel +M.   To unset these modes, simply use:  /mode #ThisChannel -r   or   /mode #ThisChannel -M  These modes can be set regardless of whether the Channel is Registered or not.
  • You can set usermode +R (Only Registered and Logged In users can message you).  To turn it on or off, type: /mode MyNick +R  or   /mode MyNick -R.

Please do not re-paste spam when reporting it to IRC4Fun Staff.  It is recommended that you use an IRC4Fun Paste.

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