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the IRC4Fun IRC Network


Apply for: Server Link to IRC4Fun

Are you interested in linking a server to IRC4Fun? Read more below about how to do so, and the guidelines/requirements for doing so.



Please note the following conditions:

  • We have no interest in being absorbed into a larger or smaller network. DO NOT ASK.
  • Must be willing to use IRC4Fun Name, Services & Security servers (You must understand that IRC4Fun will not re-brand or change our name)
  • Your server should have an average user count of at least five (5) users.
  • Your server must be running ChatIRCd 1.2.*-dev. (ChatIRCd is a modern fork of Charybdis IRCd)
  • You will need to provide a list of your Server's Staff (Local, Global Operators & Administrator) on your application.
  • Server Staff may consist of 2 Global Operators, 2 Local Operators and 1 Administrator.
  • Windows-hosted servers are NOT allowed on IRC4Fun.
  • Servers must be hosted. (Not self-hosted)
  • IRC4Fun Servers may NOT run any type of spy modules, devices, or functions that will spy or eavesdrop on users’ private and/or channel messages. Such activity is un-ethical, illegal in some countries, and will NEVER be tolerated on IRC4Fun.
  • Must adopt the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Server Administrator and IRC Server Staff must adopt and abide by the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • We do ask that you connect to IRC4Fun and get to know us, and likewise so we can get to know you; before you apply for a server to network link.


Application Process

Once an application is submitted, it is sent to IRC4Fun Administrators to review. Each IRC4Fun Administrator may review the application before taking a vote on whether the applicant and server should be passed into "Test Link".
If it is determined that the Server, it's Staff, specifications, Location or provider/sponsor are not needed or problematic; the application may be rejected.


Test Link

When a Server is in the Test Link phase (a 30 day trial period after application and testlink approval); Server Staff on the testlinked server should only /OPER up LOCALLY. Please ensure that all Server Staff (including Administrator) are only oper'd up locally, or they will be KILLed automatically by Services.


Stability & Uptime

During the testlink phase, the server will be monitored for uptime and stability. Issues of these types, or staff abuse can result in a testlink being ended and the server application rejected.

Full Link

If your server is stable and there have been no instances of staff abuse, at thirty (30) days; IRC4Fun Administrators will take another vote on whether to pass application to Full Link or reject application.


You may apply for a testlink via our HelpDesk.


Latest News

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February 3, 2018
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January 20, 2018
- Services Expirations Changes coming soon!
January 7, 2018
- ChanServ Registrations no longer require Supporters!
December 30, 2017
- Tower.* Delinked, Blaze.* Testlinked

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