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United IRC Networks (UIN)


Apply for: Network Link to United IRC Networks (UIN)

Are you interested in linking a network to UIN? Read more below about how to do so, and the guidelines/requirements for doing so.



Please note the following conditions:

  • If you are applying only to increase your usercount; this relationship is NOT going to work.
  • Compatible IRCd Software: UnrealIRCd 4+, InspIRCd 2.0, Charybdis 3.5+, Elemental-IRCd 6.6*, InspIRCd 3.0, IRCd-Hybrid 8.2*, juno-ircd 11.*, Nefarious IRCu 2.0.*.
  • Incompatible Software: IRC Defender, Freenode's Sigyn, Any Services Package using KILLs instead of AKILLs, K-lines or G-lines (This includes any bots that might attempt to KILL users instead of handle them locally with a K/G-line.)  If the incompatible software is modified or configured to NOT use KILLs, it is compatible.  This is a MUST for all Linked Networks and should be double-checked, as the defaults are usually set to KILL which is NOT compatible!
  • Abuse is not tolerated: Manage your own users and channels, do not attempt to manage users or channels that do not belong to you. Unauthorized KILLs, MODE changes and KICKs are bounced, even if it appears they hit their target. (This is also logged each time, and repeated abuse will result in an automated delink, likely followed by a Call For Vote (CFV) for delink of any abusive networks.)
  • Need Help? See #UIN for assistance.


Application Process

Once an application is submitted, it is sent to UIN Linked Administrators to review. Each Network's Administrator may review the application before taking a vote on whether the applicant and network should be passed or rejected.
If it is determined that the network, it's Staff, are abusive or problematic; a Call For Vote (CFV) may be launched to delink the network.

First 30 Days

During the first thirty (30) days of the network being linked with UIN, stability will be monitored. If the link to the network is unstable, the network can choose another server to link to UIN with, or it will be delinked.

Stability & Uptime

During the first thirty (30) days, the network will be monitored for abuse, stability & uptime. Issues of these types, or staff abuse can result in a Call For Vote (CFV) to delink the problematic network.

Before you Apply, re-read Above

Before you apply, please re-read the above guidelines. If you do not properly prepare for the UIN link; we will know you did not read most of this.


You may apply for a UIN Link via the IRC4Fun HelpDesk.


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