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Welcome to IRC4Fun Staff, Amelody!

In a recent Call For Vote, it was proposed that Amelody be promoted to an IRC4Fun Staff member. With the CFV being passed; Amelody is now a Global IRC Operator as well as a CService Administrator. Welcome to the Staff team and CService team, Amelody! CFV Details: Amelody should be

Welcome Truenos to the IRC4Fun Staff Teams

IRC4Fun would like to welcome Truenos (Truenitos) to the IRC4Fun Oper and CService teams! We would like to welcome our newest addition to Staff, Truenos. For more information about Staff (and recent new Staffers), please see our Servers and Staff page.

IRC4Fun would like to welcome rm to the IRC Operator team!

IRC4Fun is excited to welcome rm to the IRC4Fun IRC Operators team! rm joins IRC4Fun with many years of experience as an IRC Operator on several large networks, and we are thrilled to have him! Please welcome rm to the Staff Teams on IRC4Fun. 🙂

We’ve released our first YouTube video!

We’ve released our first YouTube video; a Tutorial and Guide to IRC We’re excited to announce that we’ve released our first IRC4Fun YouTube video that explains what IRC is, how to get on IRC, how to do things on IRC, what is X or CService, IRC rumors, and more! If

On-going Spam Attacks #IRC4Fun #IRC

On-going Spam Bot Attacks are hitting almost all IRC Networks, relentlessly. We’ve had to enable counter measures and tighten some security measures.  We are pleased to announce that 99% of spam is G-lined before it ever gets to you or your channels on IRC4Fun. While these spam bots are not

IRC4Fun’s 11th Birthday! #IRC #IRC4Fun #Chat

IRC4Fun is proud to celebrate 11 years of Operation! IRC4Fun is now 11 years old, as of today!  We would be nowhere without our users and guests — and those who have setup channels. We’re celebrating with a Live Event Quiz over IRC4Fun’s History in #IRC4Fun — Correct winners will

#Crazy1Chat Users

IRC4Fun Channels

Crazy1Chat Users: We are aware that your normal chat website is down – but you can still Chat: This is an off-cycle News update for some Web Chat and Mibbit Users We’ve received several inquiries into “Not being able to Connect” and found that various websites that incorporated ways for

Calling all American Horror Story fans! #AHS

American Horror Story

Are you an American Horror Story fan? #AHS is now open! We are excited to announce an un-official Fan Channel for the American Horror Story fans in #AHS We welcome you to join and chat about previous seasons — please take all spoilers to private message (if the recipient is

September 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter

         Hello, Friend Welcome to the IRC4Fun September 2018 Newsletter; we’ve got a lot of updates for you! Seb has resigned from his IRC4Fun Staff positions, including CService.  While he may be allowed on the network, he is no longer a Staff member and should not be enters test-link, Galaxy.* soon to delink

We’re happy to announce that (hosted in Germany) entered Test-Link We’re excited to announce that has entered test-link, administered by tabb and hosted in Germany.  epsilon.* also supports IPV6 and SSL connections. Sadly, is leaving IRC4Fun We’re sad to report that will soon be leaving IRC4Fun