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IRC4Fun Servers enters test-link, Galaxy.* soon to delink

We’re happy to announce that (hosted in Germany) entered Test-Link We’re excited to announce that has entered test-link, administered by tabb and hosted in Germany.  epsilon.* also supports IPV6 and SSL connections. Sadly, is leaving IRC4Fun We’re sad to report that will soon be leaving IRC4Fun enters Test-Link

We’re excited to announce that has entered TestLink We were thrilled that a sponsor stepped forward and offered us an IRC Server, allowing us to offer another IPv6 and SSL compatible server from Dallas, Texas (USA).  The server has been named, administered by synapse and sponsored by katsklaw.

nemesis.* Delinked has been Delinked by CFV (Call For Vote) We’re sad to announce that nemesis.* (admin’d by l0gic) has been delinked due to a Call For Vote about the admin’s attitude and lack of even attempting to be helpful to other Staffers. We remind you to set your IRC Clients

On-going Spam Attacks

            Hello, Friend! IRC4Fun off-cycle News Update: IRC4Fun is currently (as are almost ALL existing IRC networks) a surge of spam and spam bots.  We have had to implement some security features (such as using Channel Mode +r [Registered & Logged In Users Only]) Channels that have

IRC Servers & Services change

IRC4Fun Servers & IRC4Fun Services Transition IRC4Fun administration has made the decision to change our IRC Server software to Nefarious2 ircu, and switched to GNUworld IRC Services (X).  All previously registered channels have been pre-registered with X.  Channel Owners will need to reclaim their channels once they have created a

Tower.* Delinked, Blaze.* Testlinked

Server Updates: Ka informed us that was going to be unexpectedly retiring soon, to be replaced with which has entered into testlink. is also located in Los Angeles, California (United States) — the same geographical location as Tower.*. UPDATE: January 6th, 2018: Ka has informed us that to retire 12/28

We’re saddened to say that will be retiring from IRC4Fun sometime on either 12/27 or 12/28 applause.* has been with us for many years and always provided a stable environment, however it is just too costly and unjustified as far as it’s coverage area. and are located

December News (2017)

  IRC4Fun News (December 2017)      Welcome to the December 2017 IRC4Fun News!  We’ve been busy (as usual) making IRC4Fun better for our users, channels, groups, organizations and projects!  We’ve been streamlining the network, optimizing, and more! There have literally been a LOT of improvements, so we’ll sum them (from France, EU) joins IRC4Fun! [admin'd by siniStar]

Welcome to (from France, EU) is administered by siniStar, and the server will be entering into a test-link. We’re very excited about the additional potential this server would allow for us.