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Services News

Seb has resigned

Seb has resigned from his positions over a disagreement We’re sad to announce that Seb has resigned from his positions as an IRC Operator and CService Senior Administrator.  There was a disagreement leading to an escalated altercation.  The situation could have been dealt with peacefully to achieve a solution, but

Welcome Seb to the IRC4Fun Staff Teams!

Welcome to Seb, who is our newest IRC Operator and Senior CService Administrator We would like to welcome Seb to his new staff positions on the IRC4Fun network.  Seb brings a lot of CService experience and ideas, and we are really excited to have him on our Staff teams. Welcome

On-going Spam Attacks

            Hello, Friend! IRC4Fun off-cycle News Update: IRC4Fun is currently (as are almost ALL existing IRC networks) a surge of spam and spam bots.  We have had to implement some security features (such as using Channel Mode +r [Registered & Logged In Users Only]) Channels that have

Welcome to IRC4Fun Staff, Mikee016!

IRC4Fun would like to welcome it’s newest Staff member, Mikee016! We would like to welcome Mikee016 to the IRC4Fun Staff team as a Global Operator and Services Administrator. 🙂

Privacy Policy and GDPR Updates

Privacy Policy and GDPR- On IRC4Fun, we want to ensure users are aware of what data is available by using our websites, servers and or Channel Service (X). Your IP / Hostname (PUBLIC) – When connecting to IRC4Fun, your IP address (and hostname if available) will be visible to other

IRC Servers & Services change

IRC4Fun Servers & IRC4Fun Services Transition IRC4Fun administration has made the decision to change our IRC Server software to Nefarious2 ircu, and switched to GNUworld IRC Services (X).  All previously registered channels have been pre-registered with X.  Channel Owners will need to reclaim their channels once they have created a

IRC4Fun Important News / Changes

IRC4Fun Important News / Changes IRC4Fun is going to be changing it’s IRC Server software and Services package in the very near future.  We are sending this off-cycle news bulletin out to our Users to explain the changes and what to expect. Nicknames are no longer “owned” or “registered”.  We will

Channel Registrations moved to Web

Channel Registrations moved to the Website(s) Today, we have changed the way IRC4Fun Channel Registration requests are processed.  Users will now need to either login to the Web Interface to apply for Channel Registration, or can simply apply from the HelpDesk.  This change will allow us to keep better records


ChanServ’s FLAGS LIST command has been updated, as well as FLAGS/ACCESS LISTS being public (can opt to keep FLAGS LIST/ACCESS LIST private) ChanServ FLAGS LIST / ChanServ ACCESS LIST We’ve updated our ChanServ FLAGS LIST output to no longer show AKICKs, since they have their own list. (AKICK LIST)  This

Services Expirations Update (2/14/2018)

Services Expiry Update (Effective February 14th, 2018) In order to keep our Services database clean, we will be changing the expiry of Nicknames (Accounts) and Channels on IRC4Fun, effective February 14th, 2018. NickServ Accounts will expire after 180 Days of not being used.  (Enforcement will turn off on un-used nicknames