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ChanFix (W)
IRC4Fun has a Channel Service (X) for those who prefer to register and preserve their channels, settings, and accesses.  We also have a second service, called W (also known as ChanFix) for those who do not fit the qualifications to register, or do not wish to register their channels.

How does W work?

W collects lists of who is opped in unregistered channels every 5 minutes and will add a point.  It continues to gather data and scores over a 14 day period; which it uses to determine who should be opped in the event that the channel becomes opless or gets "taken over"

  • Channels do not require a certain amount of users to be tracked/scored.
  • Registered Channels are tracked/scored as well; in the event of needing a backup service if X splits, or goes down for a while.

Upon becoming an opless channel, or if the channel is taken over; it can be reported to #ReOp or have one of the high-scoring ops issue the CANFIX or REQUESTOP command to W.  (Or wait for W to automatically fix the channel)

W will join the channel, remove any ops, bans and restrictive modes that may be keeping the real channel operators out and then will leave for a minute.  Then W will rejoin (if there are any scored users present) and op up to 5 of the highest scoring users.

If a user is deop'd (or loses ops) in a W channel, their score will start to degrade (lower), so it is a benefit to stay opped.

Questions?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions & Forum


  • You must have (and be logged into) an X username to be scored.
  • W can be asked by a high scoring op to request ops, if lost. 
  • W can also trigger automatically, or by a IRC4Fun Staff member asking it to fix the channel. 
  • IRC4Fun Staff are unable to influence W as to who to op; it is based on the scores.

* W can also be used as a "backup network service" for when X is down or split.

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