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A concise title for this.
Whether to not record start/end times for this event, just date(s).
* Required field
If this event is one that has a length, rather than just a point in time, choose an end date and time for it.
* Required field The type of event.
* Required field

The text that describes the actual event (for a system command, this is the actual PHP/Commandr code or URL).
Contract: Advanced Advanced
Place the event on this member's personal calendar. Leave blank if it is not restricted to a particular member's personal calendar. Private events will be viewable to just the submitter and the member entered here. Public events will be viewable to everyone.
Contract: Timezone Timezone
* Required field The timezone the entered time is for.
Automatically present the time to users in their native timezone (if unchecked, the event will be shown at the time entered, with the timezone next to the time). This applies to notifications too, i.e. if unchecked the notification dispatch times will not consider the event timezone.
Contract: Recurrence Recurrence
Recurrence The basis with which this event recurs (if it is not a one-off).

If non-blank, this adds extra control to the recurrence. It allows you to provide on/off repeating patterns. For example, to make something recur on weekdays, enter 1111100 with daily recurrence if the event first starts on a Monday. For example, to make something occur every other day, enter 10 with daily recurrence. For example, if a farmer laid land fallow for one year in five, with the next fallow year in 2 years, he might choose a plowing event with yearly recurrence and pattern 11011 (assuming he creates the event just before his first recurrence, giving him two plowing seasons before fallow).
The number of recurrences for this event, or blank for infinite/none.
Segregate the feedback mechanisms per-recurrence. So, for instance, each recurrence of an event has its own comments.
Monthly recurrence * Required field You have advanced control over how exactly each monthly recurrence should be encoded. The possibilities have automatically been detected based upon the initial date and time you specified.

Every nth day from start of month (i.e. 1–31)

Every nth day going back from end of month (i.e. 31–1)

Every nth of some day of the week from start of month

Every nth of some day of the week going back from end of month
These keywords will be provided for search-engines indexing this content, and also will be used as Web 2.0-style tags.
This description will be provided for search-engines indexing this content.
Whether to allow users to rate this event. In order to avoid confusion it is best to not having ratings and reviews on at the same time.
Whether to allow users to post comments about this event.