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The name for this.
* Required field The type of the quiz. ‘Surveys’ are intended for data collection and are not markable. With ‘tests’ users can have right or wrong answers, and will either pass or fail the test. ‘Competitions’ are similar, but a winner may be drawn from those who gave the best answers.

* Required field The text should consist of question blocks, each question block separated by a blank line. The first line of a question block is the question, and subsequent lines are potential answers. There are a few different types of question, indicated by a little tag after the question:  [MULTIPLECHOICE] – The user can pick any one answer from the answer set;  [MULTIMULTIPLE] – The user can pick multiple answers from the answer set;  [LONG] – A multi-line typed answer;  [SHORT] – A single-line typed answer, with an intelligent closeness match;  [SHORT_STRICT] – A single-line typed answer. If correct answers are provided then a case-sensitive exact match will be performed. If an answer is followed by [*] then it is considered "correct". If none are, the question is considered manually marked. [LONG] answers cannot be auto-marked. For a full explanation of input syntax, see the quiz tutorial.

This text will be shown before a quiz is started.

This text will be shown after a quiz is finished. If the quiz is a test, and a failure message is set, this message will only be shown if the test is passed.
Set to 'on' if you're ready for this be linked into the site.
Contract: Test Test
* Required field
The percentage of answers that must be correct for a test to be passed. If this is not a test, then you may ignore this field.
Whether to reveal correct answers after the quiz is complete, so that the answerer can learn from the experience.

This text will be shown after a quiz is finished, if it's a test and has been failed.
Contract: Competition Competition
* Required field
The number of winners chosen for a quiz. If this is not a competition, then you may ignore this field.
Contract: Advanced Advanced
Whether to shuffle questions, to make cheating a bit harder.
Whether to shuffle multiple-choice answers, to make cheating a bit harder.
The minimum number of hours between reattempts/repeats of the quiz.
The number of minutes allowed for taking this quiz.
* Required field This is the time this quiz becomes available.
The time from which this is closed off and hidden.
* Required field
The number of points a member gains for completing the quiz. In the case of a test, these will only be allocated if the test is passed. Please note that for a competition these points will be given to anyone entering – “prizes” must be given manually. In order to stop members getting the same points many times, you may wish to set a very high “Reattemption time”; alternatively if you want a low reattemption time but only allow a test to be passed, you may want to put successful members in a different usergroup that does not have permission to access the test (you can use match-key permissions to set that).
Newsletter for which a member must be on to enter.
These keywords will be provided for search-engines indexing this content, and also will be used as Web 2.0-style tags.
This description will be provided for search-engines indexing this content.
Contract: Permissions Permissions

Here you can set view access and privileges for this resource. The default privileges for this type of content will be used unless you override them (choosing a preset from the list will allow that).

Four override-presets are provided to save you time, but they are just a starting point.

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