Manage Wiki+

Wiki+ is a tree-structured (hierarchical) database of pages and posts which is in many ways like a forum system, but presented in an encyclopaedic style, and designed to have a deep and extensible hierarchy. Wiki+ can also be configured to behave just like a wiki system, by linking pages purely by using hypertext links. It is a collaborative, community-driven tool for the organisation of media and information; unlike wikis it is capable of providing a well-organised structure, with flexible permissions to allow the staff complete control over how open the system will be.

Information is presented using Comcode and the Comcode attachment system, meaning there is excellent support for rich media. Wiki+ is ideal for storing collaboratively/interactively extended information with a high organisational factor; the speed of which information can be added is also particularly advantageous. This pattern works very well for types of ad-hoc guide, especially community-driven ones.

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