IRC4Fun Channel Service (CService) X

IRC4Fun’s Channel Service Committee (also referred to as “CService”) is a special selection of volunteers that assist users with Channel Service or Usernames questions/support, issues, and maintain the stability of XX‘s primary function is to provide a stable Channel Service to prevent “channel takeovers”, preserve access levels, settings and moreX can even be used to send a NOTE to another registered user.

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Additional Forms:

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Issues & Support:

#CService – Official Help/Support Channel for IRC4Fun Channel Service (X).   Contact Us

#Usernames – Official Help/Support Channel for X usernames/accounts.        Contact Us

     Username Suspended?     Contact Us


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IRC4Fun uses a custom, modernized (closed source) version of GNUWorld [X].  It was created by KrushNet developers and gained popularity as Undernet‘s (one of the oldest, and formerly one of the top IRC networks) new P10 Channel Service.  However, what remains of the active developers and those reining power over a dying network; are not open to other developers and instead banning them: which led to us taking our version to closed source, and not sharing our improvements or security enhancements.