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Channel Service Committee – Activity Checks

In situations where active channels have Channel Managers (or “Channel Founders” / user with access 500) that have not logged into X for nearly 60 days; X will begin to “warn” the channel that it is about to go into Voting Mode.  Channels will begin going into “Voting Mode” when the Channel Manager’s LAST SEEN time indicated by X reaches 45 days or more.

During Voting Mode, X will change the channel topic; informing users that the channel is in or about to go into Voting Mode.  X will also change the WELCOME message sent to users as they join, warning the Channel Manager to login before hitting 60 days of last login.

Users on the access list (if any) will be allowed to cast a Vote during this time.  If the Channel Manager logs into X before 60 days, the channel will be reviewed by a CService Representative and the warnings will change or revert to normal.

*Channels that go into “Voting Mode” more than twice; even if cancelled by the Channel Manager logging in before 60 days, CService can make a decision whether to honor the vote or keep the current Channel Manager in place.  (Typically, Channel Managers are given two chances to maintain their channel — however, we DO expect Channel Managers to be active in their channel, and logging into X.)

   Vote For a New Channel Manager

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There are many benefits to registering a Username (or “account”) on X:

  1. You can enable a Hidden Host by setting usermode +x (/mode MyNick +x) so that your Hostname/IP are not visible to others and are instead replaced with
  2. You can join channels that only allow registered and logged in users (channel mode +r)
  3. You can be given access on registered channels
  4. You can register your own channel
  5. You can send a NOTE to other registered users (like a Memo)
  6. You can send Private Messages to users who only see messages from Registered users
  7. Since nicknames are not “owned”, you can see who a user is logged in as; with a /WHOIS Nickname or /msg X verify Nickname
  8. It’s FREE & Easy!
  • EU Users: You must be 16 years of age, or older to register an account on X.
  • US Users: You must be 13 years of age, or older to register an account on X.
  • You must provide a valid email address.

To register a Username (or “account”) on X, type: /msg X HELLO Username

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If one of your Channel Operators has decided to “takeover” your Registered Channel, there are multiple ways to stop them.

If you are the channel Manager (access 500) or have a higher access level than the operator attempting the “takeover”, you can:

  • /msg X suspend #Channel Username [level]
  • /msg X remuser #Channel Username

You will then need to possibly UNBAN yourself with X, if you are banned.  If restrictive modes are preventing you from joining, you can use X’s CLEARMODE command.

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No.  X can tell how many lines of text a user is sending to the channel, and if FLOODPRO (Flood Protection) is enabled, it can react on abuses of it’s custom-set options.

X does not log channel conversations, nor does it monitor them for content or clarity.  IRC is an un-moderated medium of communication.

(Keep in mind that IRC4Fun does not “police” channels or users.  We can only enforce our Policies.  We do not believe in any type of “spy” abilities – plus this is illegal in some countries/jurisdictions)

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To Register a Channel with X, you will need a Username and to utilize the Web Interface.

Channel Registration is not a means to “start” a channel.  You should begin using the channel for a while and once you have a “user base”, then request Channel Registration.

Presently, there is a requirement of 1 Supporting user.  The user must have a valid X username and be in good standing.  Support will be verified.

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To add a user to your channel’s access list, use:

/msg X ADDUSER #channel username level

To remove a user from your channel’s access list, use:

/msg X REMUSER #channel username

Both commands require you to have an access level of 400 or more.  You can only add users with an access level lower than your own, and cannot remove users with higher level access than you.

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To get a list of commands available to you, you can use the SHOWCOMMANDS command (optionally with a channel name provided)

Type: /msg X SHOWCOMMANDS [#channel] (without the []’s)    –or–


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If you have 450+ access to a channel registered with X, you can change or SET specific channel settings.  If you have 500 access to a channel registered with X, you can change or SET even more specific channel settings!

Level 450 Channel Settings:

  • ALWAYSOP (ON/OFF) – When set, X will always auto-op itself when joining your channel.
  • AUTOTOPIC (ON/OFF) – When set, X will always refresh the topic to the channel’s DESCRIPTION & URL as long as the channel is active, or in the event that X splits or restarts.
  • DESC (Description of the Channel) – Sets the Description of the channel.  This Description will also be used by X if AUTOTOPIC is ON, in the channel topic.
  • FLOATLIM (ON/OFF) – When set, X will maintain a “dynamic limit” on the channel to prevent floodbots.  (See also SET FLOATMGN, FLOATPRD, FLOATGRC, FLOATMAX)
  • FLOODPRO (ON/KICK/BAN) – When set, X will use the set method to deal with users who activate Flood Protection on the channel.
  • KEYWORDS (Keywords) – Sets key words for your channel, which can be used to search for channels when the SEARCH command is enabled.
  • MODE – This command tells X to save the currently set channel modes and re-apply them should they get lost due to a split or restart of X.
  • NOVOICE (ON/OFF) – When ON, X will not allow anyone on the channel to be voiced.
  • USERFLAGS (VOICE/OP) – When set, X will apply AUTOMODE VOICE or AUTOMODE OP to newly added users.
  • WELCOME (Message goes here) – When set, X will notice users joining the channel with the set WELCOME message.

Level 500 Channel Settings:

  • AUTOJOIN (ON/OFF) – When set, X will automatically join the channel when rejoining from a netsplit or restart.
  • MASSDEOPPRO (0-7) – When set, X will punish any op who deops more than the set number.  The user will be suspended for 5 minutes, and added to X’s ban list at level 25 (so they cannot re-op until unbanned via X)
  • OPLOG (ON/OFF) – When set to ON, X will be more verbose about X-command usage to ops on a channel.
  • NOOP (ON/OFF) – When set to ON, only X will be allowed to be opped on the channel, and all operator commands must be performed through X.
  • STRICTOP (ON/OFF) – When set to ON, only users on X’s access list (with sufficient access) will be allowed to be opped on the channel.

To set a setting (as listed above), type: /msg X set #channel

(Example: /msg X set #IRC4Fun STRICTOP ON)

(Example: /msg X set #IRC4Fun WELCOME Hello, and welcome to our channel)

(Example: /msg X set #IRC4Fun WELCOME(Unsets the WELCOME message)

Category: Channels

A user mask looks like: nickname!identd@ip/host

The Ban command is:

/mode #channel +b mask

or if you’re using mIRC, you may use:

/ban #channel mask


If you utilize X, the syntax is:

/msg X ban #channel mask duration level reason


To ban a nickname, use a mask like this: nickname!*@* .
if the nickname length is more than 9 characters and you need to use X use this mask instead:
first8chars*!*@*, eg: if the nickname was Easterbunny, set ban on mask: Easterbu*!*@*
To ban an identd, use a mask like this: *!identd@*
To ban an ip/host, use a mask like this: *!*@ip/host

Remark: * replaces any number of characters, ? replaces a single character.

Common examples:

  1. I want to ban all persons having IP address starting with 81 in a channel.You have to place a ban on mask: *!*@81.*
  2. I want to ban all persons having IP address ending with 121 in a channel.The ban has to be placed on mask: *!*@*.121
  3. I want to ban all persons having their nicknames starting with “Alice” in a channel.Ban mask: Alice*!*@*
  4. I want to ban all persons having their nicknames ending with “jo” in a channel.Place ban on mask: *jo!*@*
  5. I want to ban all persons having in their nicknames “pro” in a channel.Set the ban on mask: *pro*!*@*
  6. I want to ban all persons having their identds starting with “id” in a channel.You have to place a ban on mask: *!id*@*
  7. I want to ban all persons having their identds ending with “erm” in a channel.The ban has to be placed on mask: *!*erm@*
  8. I want to ban all persons having in front of their identds “~” in a channel.Ban mask is: *!~*@*
  9. I want to ban all persons having their identds starting with two random characters in a channel. e.g.: Alice!~76me@ ban on mask: *!~??me@*
  10. I want to ban all persons having in their hosts “adsl” in a channel. e.g.: kjempen!~something@217-186-25.0503.adsl.tele2.noSet ban on mask: *!*@*.adsl.*

To search X’s internal ban list:

/msg X lbanlist #channel *

You can also define criteria to search with, similar to the above ban information:

/msg X lbanlist #channel *!*@*

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If you would like to have X save your current channel modes and re-apply them when they get unset; either by a netsplit or X restart:

/msg X set #Channel MODE

X will confirm the modes it saved.

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You can use a feature called AUTOTOPIC to have X ensure that a specific topic is reset every 30 minutes that the channel is active:

To use AUTOTOPIC, you will need to set a DESCRIPTION and URL in X:

/msg X set #Channel DESC This is my topic that I want reset, reminding users what my channel is about.

/msg X set #Channel URL

/msg X set #Channel AUTOTOPIC ON

X will now (re)set the topic accordingly with the Channel’s set DESCRIPTION and URL (which can be modified by users with access of 450+)

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You can see who has access on a channel, what level, and more with X’s ACCESS command.  You will need to be logged in to use this command.

/msg X access #Channel *

Or to search with specific criteria(s):

/msg X access #Channel * [options]


  • pattern
  • username
  • =nickname
  • -min
  • -max
  • -modif
  • -none
  • -voice
  • -op
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There are TWO (2) ways to see banned users – one being the active bans in the channel (BANLIST), the other being X’s internal banlist (LBANLIST)

To see active bans on the channel: /msg X banlist #Channel

To see internal bans that X will enforce: /msg X lbanlist #Channel *

If you have a lot of bans in your X LBANLIST output, you can search with specific criteria(s): /msg X lbanlist #Channel *!*@*

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If you set your MAXLOGINS to a value between 2-3; yes.

Initially, Usernames are set to MAXLOGINS = 1, upon registration.  The user has the ability to change this at any time.

To set your MAXLOGINS to a value between 1-3:

/msg X set MAXLOGINS 3


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Yes, you can make either a secret or private channel by applying the channel mode +s (secret) or +p (private).  In most cases, +s (secret) should be used.

When a channel is secret (+s):

  • The Channel will not be visible in /LIST
  • Users who are not in the channel, won’t see you in it, by using a /WHOIS
  • /WHO #Channel output will not reveal user list to outside users.
  • Since the channel will not be visible in /LIST, the TOPIC will not be visible to outsiders either.


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