Purge Channel Request

If you are sure that you no longer want your Channel Registered with X

If you are absolutely sure you want to purge your channel’s registration with X instead of giving the channel to another user, please follow the instructions below:

  • You will need to ADDUSERPurgeChan‘ with an access level of 499. (/msg X adduser #mychannel PurgeChan 499)
  • /JOIN #CService to inform CService Representatives that you are sure you want your channel purged.  If there is not an immediate response, we will review the request as soon as a CService Representative becomes available.


  • If PurgeChan is added with an access lower than 499, the request will be denied and PurgeChan will be removed from the channel’s access list.
  • The list of channels to purge is usually reviewed once per week, unless asked to perform the purge subject to the above conditions.