About CService / X

What is CService?
CService (short for Channel Service) is the committee responsible for the registration of channels and for handling issues/problems with those channels.

What is X? What does it do?
X is the Channel Service bot assigned to each registered channel. For each channel, X maintains a userlist, which specifies who has what access and who should be opped, and a banlist, which specifies who to ban from joining the channel (or from getting ops), and for how long. X is designed to keep a channel open 24 hours a day, and prevent channel takeovers.

How does this differ from any other bot?
X is actually a server, not just a bot. It is allowed to work this way because it is run by the IRC4Fun administration. This allows X to do several special functions, such as opping itself. Also, X is on a large number of channels. By having one bot for many channels, this reduces the load on the IRC4Fun network that would be caused by having one separate bot on each channel.

Why would I want to register my channel?
Registration not only provides you with the ability to keep your channel open 24 hours a day, it also gives the channel stability. In the case of a channel takeover, the manager always has ultimate control to regain the channel. Users are unable to deop, ban or kick X. Also, it provides you with a way to have users auto-op'd, default modes set, and a more permanent banlist.

How can I tell if someone is really a CService Representative/Admin?
Real CService Representatives/Admins can be verified by asking X:

/msg X verify nickname
Official CService Representatives or Admins will be indicated as:
-X- mH!mh@Epsilon.users.IRC4Fun.net is an Official CService Administrator and logged in as Epsilon

Non-official users will be indicated as:
-X- UserABC!~abc@UserABC.users.IRC4Fun.net is logged in as UserABC

How do I get help with CService/X?
You can get support in multiple ways: