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Documents & Guides: Channel Service FAQ

You can also get help with the IRC4Fun Channel Service (X) in #CService.

Channel Service (X) Frequently Asked Questions

General X Questions Registration Questions Complaints / Channel Problems Help / Support

What is CService?
CService (short for Channel Service) is the committee responsible for the registration of channels and for handling issues/problems with those channels.
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What is X? What does it do?
X is the Channel Service bot assigned to each registered channel. For each channel, X maintains a userlist, which specifies who has what access and who should be opped, and a banlist, which specifies who to ban from joining the channel (or from getting ops), and for how long. X is designed to keep a channel open 24 hours a day, and prevent channel takeovers.
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How does it differ from any other bot?
X is actually a server, not just a bot. It is allowed to work this way because it is run by the IRC4Fun administration. This allows X to do several special functions, such as opping itself. Also, X is on a large number of channels. By having one bot for many channels, this reduces the load on the IRC4Fun network that would be caused by having one separate bot on each channel.
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How do I use X?
You can use X by sending it private messages or by using the secure-alias command.
To send X a fast, secure private message with a command: /cs COMMAND
To send X a normal private message with a command: /msg X COMMAND
To send X a secure private message (when logging in or changing your password) with a command: /msg X@services.IRC4Fun.net COMMAND
X does not listen for commands in channels (such as !op), so you must use the secure alias or private message commands to X.
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How can I tell if someone is really a CService Representative/Admin?
Real CService Representatives/Admins can be verified by asking X:

/msg X verify nickname Official CService Representatives or Admins will be indicated as:
-X- mH!mh@Epsilon.users.IRC4Fun.net is an Official CService Administrator and logged in as Epsilon

Non-official users will be indicated as:
-X- UserABC!~abc@UserABC.users.IRC4Fun.net is logged in as UserABC

Also, remember that official CService Representatives will never ask you for your password.
Please report any CService impersonators to #CService.
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Why would I want to register a Username (or account)?
Having and using a Username with X provides you with many benefits, including:
  • You can hide (or "cloak") your hostname or IP with usermode +x (Username.users.IRC4Fun.net)
  • You can use Channel Services (X)
  • You can be scored (for reops/takeover fixes) by ChanFix (W)
  • You can be added to Channel access lists and register channels
  • You can send and receive NOTEs (memos)

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How do I register a Username (or account)?
Registering a Username with X is easy and quick. You will need to provide your valid email address to register a Username.
  • Visit: https://cservice.irc4fun.net/live/ to create an account.
  • You will need to verify your email address by checking for a link sent by X and click it to get a password. (Be sure to check spam/junk folders for the email)
  • You can LOGIN to the web interface to view more information with the password given.
  • You can LOGIN to X on IRC by typing: /msg X@services.IRC4Fun.net LOGIN DesiredUsername YourGivenPassword
  • Once you are successfully logged into X, you can change your password with the NEWPASS command:
  • Type: /msg X@services.IRC4Fun.net NEWPASS MyNewPassword
If you need additional help or have questions about registering a Username with X, please ask in #CService.
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How do I LOGIN to X?
To LOGIN to X, you just need to send it a private message with the LOGIN command, your username, and your password:
  • Easiest: /cs login MyUsername MyPassword (Works with most modern IRC clients)
  • Alternatively: /msg X@services.IRC4Fun.net login MyUsername MyPassword (Works with all IRC clients)
If you need additional help or have questions about logging into X, please ask in #CService.
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Why would I want to register my channel?
Registration not only provides you with the ability to keep your channel open 24 hours a day, it also gives the channel stability. In the case of a channel takeover, the manager always has ultimate control to regain the channel. Users are unable to deop, ban or kick X. Also, it provides you with a way to have users auto-op'd, default modes set, and a more permanent banlist.
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How do I register a Channel?
Registering a Channel with X is easy and quick. You will need to utilize the CService website to submit an application requesting to register a channel. If you need additional help or have questions about registering a Channel with X, please ask in #CService.
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How often do I need to LOGIN to keep my Channel or Username?
  • Channel Managers are expected to LOGIN to X at least once every 60 days. Failure to login in 60 days or longer may cause the channel to either be purged or vote for a New Channel Manager.
  • Usernames will expire after 365 days (1 year) of not being logged into.

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Can I give my channel to another user?
In most cases, you can give your channel to another user by submitting a request here under Forms, then Manager Change.
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Can I purge my channel?
Yes, if you would like to purge your channel, simply fill out a request under Forms, then Purge Request on the CService website.
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Can I change the email address associated with my Username?
Yes. To change your email address, you will need to fill out the email change request form on the CService website under Forms, then E-Mail Change Request.

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How can I see who a channel is registered to?
To see who manages (owns) a channel, type: /msg X chaninfo #Channel To see who has access on a channel, type: /msg X access #Channel *
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How can I see information about a Username?
To see information on a Username, type: /msg X info Username
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How can I complain about X being on a channel?
If you think you have a valid reason why X should not be on a registered channel, such as the manager is never around, or it violates one or more IRC4Fun policies, you can email your complaint to cservice@IRC4Fun.net. If there is a lot of support for your complaint, please include the email addresses and Usernames of those who support you in your letter (do NOT have everyone send a separate letter). CService admins will evaluate your complaint, and if it is valid, action will be taken.
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I don't like the content of a channel with X on it, what can I do?
Because CService does not consider content during the registration process, except channels violating Channel Service AUP, there is nothing you can do about this. CService specifically disclaims responsibility for the content of a channel, and the way the manager chooses to run the channel, as it would be an overwhelming task for CService to police every registered channel.
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I was kicked/banned from a channel with X on it for no reason, who can I complain to?
CService has no reponsibility for, nor say over how a manager, and those he gives operator status to, choose to run the channel. A channel operator can kick and/or ban someone for any reason they choose, or no reason at all. Therefore there is noone that you can complain to about this except the people who run that specific channel (the manager).
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How can I get Help or Support with X?
CService maintains a help channel on IRC4Fun called #CService. There are helpers and/or admins on this channel almost all the time. However, please make sure you have checked this FAQ, and the Op FAQ before asking a question there. If there is nobody there to answer your question, you can email it to cservice@IRC4Fun.net.
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Can I ask X for HELP with commands?
To get a list of commands available to you: /msg X showcommands [#MyChannel] * [#MyChannel] is optional.
To get Help on a command or feature: /msg X help LOGIN
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