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Documents & Guides: Channel Rules for #IRC4Fun

The following are the channel rules for the #IRC4Fun chat & help channel. Failure to abide by the rules may result in a warning, being kicked from the channel, or even banned.

No Flooding or Spamming
Multiple lines of messages should be put into a Paste. (This includes ascii art).
Don't advertise (spam) in the channel. While we do not mind discussion of other IRC networks, it is inappropriate to provide the irc address unless relevant to an active discussion.

Avoid annoying/obnoxious/trolling behavior
Please be respectful of other users and think about how others will perceive your messages.
If others ask you to stop behaving a certain way, you should either stop or find another channel.

Don't repeat yourself
Repeating something until you get a reply is annoying. Most users will see things they missed (while they were away or idle) when they return. Patiently waiting for a response is much more effective.

No Hate
Hateful behavior will not be tolerated. This includes: (but is not limited to)
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Discrimination based on location, gender, etc.

If you are banned for breaking the rules...
Bans can be set at the discretion of the channel operator who sets them. (Meaning, they can either be set to expire after a certain time -- OR they can be permanent.) You will generally need to wait for the ban to expire (if it does), or /msg the channel operator who banned you.

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