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Linking to IRC4Fun

If you would like to link to IRC4Fun, please take the below linking situations into consideration. (IRC4Fun is a stable, established IRC network founded in October, 2007) You may link your IRC Network via our United IRC Networks, or full-link (and re-brand as IRC4Fun) Please read the below linking situations thoroughly.

⇔ United IRC Networks (Network Link)

With a UIN Link, your IRC network can maintain it’s individuality, features and IRC Services of choice. Your network’s administration may choose which channels it would like to receive from the United IRC Networks link.

[glyphicon type=”zoom-in”] For more information, visit the United IRC Networks (UIN) website.

↔ Full Link (Server Link)

With a Full Server Link, your server will rebrand and benefit by becoming part of the IRC4Fun IRC network, a long-known and trusted brand. You will retain administrative rights and position to the server. Your server will begin using IRC4Fun’s name, IRCd, Services, Stats and Security servers.

[glyphicon type=”exclamation-sign”] Please understand that IRC4Fun will not re-brand or change it’s name.

  • You can choose your Server’s IRC4Fun server-name. (e.g.
  • You will be expected to administer your server, your staff and your users.
  • Your Server and users will use IRC4Fun Services, Stats and Security servers. (We can attempt to merge your database [if compatible] with IRC4Fun Services)
  • You, your Staff, and your Users must adopt IRC4Fun Policies. (Acceptable Use Policy, Acceptable Operating Policy, Privacy Policy)
  • All Server Staff must be approved by IRC4Fun Administrators prior to linking or being added.
  • IRC4Fun is currently seeking servers located in the following locations: EU, FR, & UK

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Webmaster(s) Link to IRC4Fun

Wow, we really appreciate that! Word of Mouth is the best way to get your friends on IRC4Fun to liven up your channel(s)! Please feel free to give us a text-link back to

You can also save and upload one of the below buttons to your website then link it back.

Please do not “hot-link” the images below.  (Instead, please save the image and upload it to your website and then link back – please.)
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