mIRC Tutorial

Welcome to IRC4Fun’s mIRC Tutorial!  New to mIRC?


1. Download, install and open mIRC: (You can continue to use mIRC past the 30 day evaluation period by clicking ‘Continue’)

Open mIRC

2. Click Servers and then find and select IRC4Fun’s Random IRC Server:

Select Server

3. Fill in your Nickname, Alternate Nickname, Real Name and Email address.

Fill in your info

4. Click “Connect” button and you should be connected and see:


5. To get a list of channels, type: /LIST


6. To Join a Chat Channel; type: /JOIN #Channel (e.g. /JOIN #ChatZone)

How to join a channel7. Once you have joined a channel, it will look similar to this:

In a Channel8. To add a Channel to your Favorites so you can join it when you connect; select the channel window, then click Favorites and ‘Add to favorites’ and make sure to checkbox the ‘Join on connect’ option:

Add to Favorites

9. To enable SSL in mIRC; go to http://www.mirc.com/ssl.html and install SSL.  Once done, you will need to restart mIRC and then go to Options > Options and click SSL…


10. Set your preferred SSL settings (our recommended settings are pictured):

SSL Settings11. Change your Connection Settings to use SSL ports:

Update settings for SSL

That’s it!  You should be all set now.  If you have additional questions; be sure to check out the New Users guide and Frequently Asked Questions or ask in #IRC4Fun or even open a Support Ticket.