New to IRC or IRC4Fun?

New to IRC or IRC4Fun?

IRC is an unmoderated chat medium (Internet Relay Chat servers linked together, forming the IRC4Fun IRC network.  With IRC being an unmoderated chat medium, it is important to understand that chat, data, or information is NOT monitored for content or clarity.  IRC4Fun Staff and CService Staff cannot see what is said in private message, or in channels where a staff member is not present.  Please remember that IRC4Fun Staff and CService Staff are volunteers.  We are not “IRC Cops”, some of us are “IRC Operators”; but that generally indicates a volunteer Staffer.  We also assume no responsibility for damages caused by using IRC4Fun, as per our Acceptable Use Policy and /MOTD‘s on each server.  We do not recommend providing personal information to those you do not know.

IRC4Fun uses very traditional, yet updated servers and Channel Services (X) similar to Undernet. (one of the oldest and formerly one of the largest IRC networks)  IRC4Fun was actually born 10 years ago with the intentions of being an “up-to-date” Undernet and Freenode hybrid.  (Freenode is now the largest IRC network with the primary goal being to house FOSS (Free and Open Software Source) channels, groups and organizations)

If you have a preferred IRC Client installed, you can direct it to (Port 6667 Plaintext or Port 6697 for an SSLSSL connection)

You can also click one of the Web Chat options if you prefer not to install an IRC Client:

IRC4Fun supports IRCCloud! IRCCloud, Kiwi IRC WebChat KiwiIRC Web Chat client & Chat Now using Mibbit! Mibbit Web Chat

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I register my nickname?

A: Nicknames are not owned on IRC4Fun and come on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You can however register a Username with Channel Services (X) using the HELLO command, which will be used to authenticate you, and even activate usermode +x (hidden host)/msg X hello MyUsername and /mode MyNickName +x after logging into X.

Q: How do I join channels (also referred to as “rooms”)?

A: Type /join #ChannelName

Q: How do I get a list of channels (or “rooms”)?

A: Type /list

Q: How do I leave a channel (or “room”)?

A: Type /part #ChannelName

Q: Can I change my nickname?

A: Yes!  Type /nick MyNewNickName

More questions?  Be sure to checkout our Wiki which contains a lot of guides and a wealth of information.