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Documents & Guides: Why Nicknames are not registered on IRC4Fun

On IRC4Fun, Nicknames are NOT registered or "owned". Nicknames can be used on a first come, first served basis. This means that nicknames are generally available to whoever signs on with them (or changes to a nickname using /nick) first.

Users can register Usernames (accounts) for using X, the IRC4Fun Channel Service. This allows for hiding your hostname/IP, registering channels, being added to channel access lists, and more.

Reasons why registering Usernames is better than Nicknames:
  • Privacy. It is a lot harder for someone to track or stalk a Username as opposed to a nickname.
  • People occasionally like to use other nicknames.
  • Nickname hoarders. Much like the TV-show, people like to register and/or group hoards of nicknames they will never use - and deny others the ability to use for no good reason.
For more information about registrations (channel or user), please see our Channel Service FAQ.

Can I use a CService Admin or IRC Operator's nickname when it's available?
You should not knowingly use either a CService Representative's or IRC Operator's nickname. IRC4Fun Staff nicknames (while not registered) are generally off-limits and use of them can result in a forced disconnect or even ban from the network. If someone uses a IRC4Fun Staff nickname to impersonate the staffer, they will usually be G-lined (banned from the network).

Will an IRC Operator disconnect my ghost connection?
Possibly. It depends on who is available and how (un)stable your connection is. If you are repeatedly losing connection and asking for your ghost to be disconnected, you may be told to wait for it to be disconnected by the server. (You can also /CTCP ghostnick PING which usually makes it disconnect faster.)
You can find IRC Operators in #IRC4Fun

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